10 Amazing Examples of Robotic Process Automation in Practice

RPA solutions can be implemented by companies belonging to diverse industries. It helps completed a variety of tasks with great ease and quickly. With digital transformation, it is possible to improve overall business performance. 

10 successful RPA examples

10 Amazing Examples of Robotic Process Automation in Practice
  1. Data Migration: Relevant information needs to be pulled up from legacy systems to ensure data availability for newer systems. This manual process can be due automatically with RPA implementation, thereby eliminating human errors. 
  2. Call center operations: RPA technology can support optimum customer requests. Agents can handle common customer queries while providing solutions through the dashboard. In case of escalation, RPA can consolidate from the customer vital information within a single screen. 
  3. Onboarding employees: Perfect solution can be derived from RPA to ensure onboarding of every employee based on the established process. Moreover, it ensures that all essential information received complies with set guidelines. 
  4. Claims administration: RPA, in case of insurance & healthcare helps with input as well as process claims. With RPA tools, errors can be minimized. Exceptions can be identified by this tech that fails to comply, thereby saving unwanted expenses.
  5. Support sales process: It will not be beneficial if sales people engage in more administrative tasks. It includes CRM updation, establishing client within the billing system or entering data in sales metrics, monitoring systems. RPA helps streamline such activities. 
  6. Help desk: It helps tackle technical issues faced by users. RPA can reduce human help desk workload by providing quick solutions to repetitive issues. Such level-one tech support problems although simple can be time consuming. 
  7. Credit card applications: Bots are used to process credit card applications and handle processes quite easily. It includes collecting documents and information, doing background & credit checks. It also determines applicant worthiness. 
  8. Scheduling systems: RPA technology can perform online patients scheduling for healthcare appointments. All patient details are gathered by Bots like appointment request, insurance information, location preferences, etc.
  9. Data extraction from multiple sites to derive the best available deal: You do need to find the best available deal, be it you plan to purchase a vehicle or travel. Using RPA tech, data can be scraped off sites, make comparisons and derive the best deal. 
  10. Expense management: Employees are required by some companies to prepare details concerning export reports. It includes business name, amounts and data. Automatic extraction is now possible from submitted receipts by using RPA bot. 
10 Amazing Examples of Robotic Process Automation in Practice


The above given ten examples can clearly showing the growing importance of Robotic Process Automation in many processes. Moreover, this advanced technology when correctly implemented shows enormous potential for any business. It can help optimize business processes & enhance labor productivity. 

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