10 Lessons From RPA Uipath RPA in 2022

In the year 2021, UiPath listed itself on the share list of the New York Stock Exchange. The Company listed itself on the Exchange list under the title of the PATH. Till now, the shares numbers, price range as well as listing date had not been revealed till today. But we can learn about the various things learned from its listing. 

All in all, we can learn following amazing 10 lessons from the IPO of UiPath in the year 2022:

10 Lessons From RPA Uipath RPA in 2022
  1. Main Functions of the UiPath Platform

The UiPath platform has founded an end-to-end platform for automation. The platform has enabled the business organizations for organization, running, management, engagement, measurement as well as the government of the automation programs. 

  1. Date of the IPO Announcement

The Company has apparently announced and filed the IPO on the 25th March 2021. UiPath is not following the DPO (Direct Public Offering). 

  1. Authority and Control of the Company

The UiPath platform has the authority of direct control on the affairs of the Company. Daniel Danes have the authority over the affairs of the Company. 

  1. Stakeholders of the Company

The best thing about the Company is that it generates greater revenue through a few customers. UiPath generates larger revenue of 75% from 13 customers. The remaining 25% is retrieved from 1 customer only. 

  1. Partners of the UiPath Company

Through the S-1, the Company has only given little details about the partners of the Company. There are 3700 partners of the organization. The S-1 reveals that there are three types of partnerships conducted by the UiPath. The Company interacts with the tech giant companies, ML and AI services providers as well as cloud services providers. 

10 Lessons From RPA Uipath RPA in 2022
  1. Market Size of the Company
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The market size of the company revolves around its existing customers only. UiPath aims at generating profit from its existing customer base only. The market size of the Company is $64 Billion. 

  1. The Growth of the Company

Presently, UiPath is increasing at a fast pace. It is developing fast to become the most developed and fastly grown Company in the world. 

  1. Revenue Growth

The Company took only two years to reach the 100M mark in the ARR from 10M. 

  1. Largest Client List

Adobe is one of the largest clients of the UiPath Company. Applied for Materials, Bank of America, and Chevron are some of the prime examples of the client list. 

  1. More Activity in the Future

UiPath is expected to grow at a fast pace. The Company is attracting the notice of the large tech giants in the industry. 

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10 Lessons From RPA Uipath RPA in 2022

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