10 RPA Use Cases for IT, HR, Finance & Accounting and More

In both the back office as well as the front office, RPA may be employed to simplify and automate activities that need human involvement. Some of the most common RPA applications and use cases we see include input files automation, data retrieval, and payment processes. 

As a consequence, we created the most complete list of RPA use scenarios areas. They are here below:

10 RPA Use Cases for IT, HR, Finance & Accounting and More

10 RPA Use Cases for IT, HR, Finance & Accounting and More

RPA Usage in Orders of Sale

Standardization of data across corporate systems is a time-consuming effort. Salespeople must spend time inputting data into a CRM system as well as an ERP system.

Financial analysts must duplicate the information and enter it into a separate program or module.

Generation of the Lead – A Good Technique for the Marketing

Lead generation is an important component of today’s advertising campaigns. Within a CRM system obtained from outside resources, advertising agencies make new records for prospective customers. RPA can help in storing and retrieving the information of customers automatically. 

Processing of the Invoices

Traditional system operations are common in processing payments, leading in late and improper reimbursements. RPA simplifies invoice processes, including data format, reconciliation mistakes, and even exact decision-making.

Processing and Storage of the Complaints

Complaints and returns ask to create a large amount of data, which can be time-consuming to filter through. RPA takes care of the situation and expedites the reimbursement. Improving client happiness while also improving a company’s reputation.

10 RPA Use Cases for IT, HR, Finance & Accounting and More

Financial Reports and Accounting

RPA can look at past and present marketing trends to forecast a company’s finances and generate variance reports. RPA is also capable of extracting monthly sales data, calculating excellent sales incentives, and processing payments.

Automation of the Payroll Processing

RPA validates time cards, load revenues, and tax exemptions by comparing employee information across several systems. Salary receipts, taxable bonuses, and other payments can all be handled by virtual bots.

Automation of Customer Care Services

Customer service systems that are automated can screen inquiries and provide first replies to consumers. RPA segregates inquiries and routes them to the right department, such as tech support, service, or selling.

Comparison of the Price by Automation Software

Because research is time-consuming and complex, we may perceive it as a variety of RPA use cases in numerous industries. Virtual bots assess pricing from various sellers based on the quality and features of their products. 

Automation of the Recruitment Process

Recruitment can also benefit from RPA, as it streamlines the processes. It may gather resumes from a variety of sources, assess their worth, and filter out spam or undesired requests.

10 RPA Use Cases for IT, HR, Finance & Accounting and More

Storage of the Information

When it comes to RPA use cases, it can effortlessly record, filter, arrange, and render all forms of business data available. Systems can classify a wide range of data, including personal details, purchasing history, interests, and HR data such as anniversaries and agreements.


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