Are You Ready To Meet Your Intelligent Robotic Co-Worker?

The fact is that AI is fast invading the workplace. Humanoid Robots are expected to be part of the organization, although it is predicted to be in the distant future. AI is likely to significantly impact how business functions and robots will become the work companions. As for the time being, AI can help augment human abilities through AI embedded wearable devices, machineries, etc. The purpose is to enhance work efficiency.

AI devices are likely to swallow real-time data while providing output based on measurable facts. It is essential for businesses to realize how to perfectly balance AI and human workforce to capitalize effectively on both their strengths. The challenge faced is how AI devices can be implemented as a team’s extension and to put them to good use in business. AI can help amplify human intelligence. 

Ways by which humans & AI co-exist already in today’s business

Are You Ready To Meet Your Intelligent Robotic Co-Worker?
  • Tech helps to enhance the global supply chain: AI when combined with machine vision and blockchain payments can help enhance the global supply chain. Thus, farmers can now better price for their produce while buyers can analyze the produce quality. Retailers & wholesalers may embed API within their site, POS, tools and marketing to manage supply chains. 
  • Dressing room assistance: Technology like AI when implemented can help transform even brick & mortar retail shops. Shoppers can now personalize their shopping experience, avail immediate assistance from the store executives as well as receive complementary product recommendations. The technology is meant to make jobs more effective and easier and not to replace the associates. 
  • Route employee’s queries to appropriate resource: Machine learning is presently used to route all employee queries to the appropriate person within a large organization. Previous queries/answers are collected by the software and applied to future questions. It also tracks experts who can provide assistance from within the organization. 
  • Safe with AI: Evaluating vehicle damage as well as processing claims can be a time consuming and cumbersome task for the auto insurance industry. Implementation of AI has helped with expert visual tasks. Data taking decisions is considered to be the core of AI tech. Huge database is studied by an AI network of auto data policy and claim images. On completion of image evaluation, if something questionable is identified by AI, it may flag the same and later be human reviewed. This technology is designed to improve the process, thereby making the claims process to seem more accurate, easier and quicker. 
Are You Ready To Meet Your Intelligent Robotic Co-Worker?


It is high time for organizations to implement AI systems into their business to work along with humans. Hence, they are to be considered as the new co-workers, who can be relied on for enhanced support. It is due to their analytic, smart and predictive technology abilities. 

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