Automation of Front Office Process

Every business has a front office and a back office. The front office interacts with onboard clients and potential clients in one way or the other. This part of the business is involved in taking care of sales, marketing, and after-sales services. 

The front office has the responsibility to take and process orders while also ensuring customer satisfaction. As front office employees are directly interacting with clients/customers, the growth in profit of a company is in the hands of front-office employees. 

Let’s have a look at some of the Tasks performed by the front office in an organization. 

Marketing and Sales Department

Members of this team do research based on customer needs to conduct promotional activities and processes that lead to better sales. 

Customer Service and Call Center

That includes technical support, follow-up with clients and solving customer issues are a part of the front office processes. Technical support is an important part of the business since it impacts the company’s revenue. 

Learn About Automation of Front Office Process

Automation of Front Office Process

Integrating RPA for the front office processes is coming up to be a great intervention ensuring that day-to-day tasks are being done effectively so the front office employees can focus on other vital activities. 

Automating the front office processes has resulted in better interaction between the company and customers. Here is how integrating robotic process automation in the front office has become beneficial to an organization. 

Faster Transaction 

One of the Key roles of front offices and call centers is to attend to customer queries and questions as fast as possible as it goes hand in hand with customer satisfaction. When the front office is automated the work done by software robots is more streamlined and error-free. 

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Better Communication

RPA helps make better communication with its clients. It can keep track of follow-ups with the clients. On receiving customer complaints they can be immediately flagged to be answered first. Another medium of better communication is texting. To spread awareness about new products/services, the RPA sends automated texts to customers for brand promotion.

Considerable Amount of Error Reduction

Once the RPA software robots are programmed, it is very productive and efficient in their action. They drastically improve the accuracy of work. 

Service of Automating the Front Office Process at SmartOSC DX

Automation of Front Office Process

At SmartOSC DX for automating the front-office processes, they have come up with a CRM (a product of Zoho). Customer relationship management (CRM) is software designed to help businesses improve their relationship with current customers and convert more leads into new customers. The function of a CRM is to make customer services better. This single software brings sales, customer support activities, and marketing together. 

Let’s look at some of the winning features of the CRM system.

Marketing Automation

The common mistake in marketing is to target the wrong audience for their brand and poor planning. Marketing CRM has marketing automation and campaign management built-in software. It helps your business reach maximum ROI on the marketing spend by generating new leads, targeting email marketing, comparing ads spend with sales profit. 


 SmartOSC DX can provide customization services for your CRM by customizing different modules, layouts, or building a new CRM system from scratch according to your business requirements. 

Sales Automation

This feature allows the company to automate all the mundane administrative tasks. 

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Results from CRM System

Businesses integrating CRM systems have a lead conversion rate of 300% with a 23% reduction in sales and marketing costs. 


If your business is struggling with sales, strategic marketing, and having issues managing customer queries, choosing SmartOSC DX services for CRM would be your right choice for a successful business.  Contact SmartOSC DX for automating your front-office processes. 

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