Automation Testing Tools: Code-Based, Robotics & AI Tools 2022

According to a 2017 poll, 87 percent of development teams use test automation in some form. One of the first stages in test automation is to pick the correct software. 70 percent of developers say they utilize open source libraries like Selenium or Appium, while 52 percent say they use platforms for automation. It is indeed critical to evaluate the kind and difficulty of test cases when selecting an automation tool. The problem lingers on due to the business infrastructure’s ability to support the testing tools.

Selecting the appropriate tool

Automation Testing Tools: Code-Based, Robotics & AI Tools 2022

It’s critical to think about the following factors while choosing a test automation tool:

  • It should run on different platforms such as mobile, desktop version, hardware solution, and software solution. 
  • The platform offers great ease of setup and installation.
  • The platform offers great ease of setup and installation.
  • Object storage, script languages, and maintenance are just a few of the features available.
  • It should support and documentation for the product
  • The total cost of ownership and licensing model should be affordable.

Testing automation Tools – Script-Based

Automation Testing Tools: Code-Based, Robotics & AI Tools 2022

There are different types of automation tools available. Every type depends on varying levels of programming, testing type as well as open-source options. Here are a few of the types:

  1. Code-Based

This is a popular automation testing tool. It allows testers to write down the test cases, reutilize the multiple integrations as well as customize them as per the demands of the business. 

  1. Low-level code

Low-code solutions can provide a graphical user interface that allows non-technical members of the team to build and operate test cases. This tool reduces the requirement for engineers. 

  1. There is no code.
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No-code instruments are identical to low-code tools. These tools enable the creation of a codeless test suite that may be reused in many environments. Users operate Graphical User Interface to create tests (i.e. by dragging-and-dropping, visual development). 

Tools for robotic testing automation

RPA bots are often used to automate monotonous tasks in already-released products. Robots, on the other hand, reduce the requirement for test script formation and maintenance in test automation, particularly in GUI testing, web programs, and regression testing (ART).

Bots can execute things that testers would normally conduct, such as:

  • completing and submitting documents
  • Viewing the result page and visiting links
  • Identifying text or user interface components on a website
  • Trying to validate the information returned by an API request

Automation Testing – Ai Tools

Automation Testing Tools: Code-Based, Robotics & AI Tools 2022

In order to train AI/ML algorithms for testing automation, extensive databases are often required. AI, on the other hand, offers sophisticated functionality in testing automation solutions like

1. Selection of tests: Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms can scan software and compare it to training data to

  • Make suggestions for test cases.
  • Calculate the test design

2. Maintenance of the test: Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms are taught to:

  • Defects in the user interface are detected.
  • Keep an eye on software updates.


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