Data Manipulation in RPA Automation

The manipulation of data on the internet has been gaining ground in public discussion for some years, especially after international scandals such as the one that Cambridge Analytica became involved in. In such cases, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) plays an important role. Software robot is a technology that allows the automation of manual or semi-automatic tasks in an integrated way with the current systems of the organization, applications, data management or manipulation, and any digital application that exists. Let’s talk more on this topic.

What is data manipulation?

Data manipulation is the process of altering data in order to make it more structured and readable. Is data manipulation on the internet and the art of influencing people a bad thing? Not necessarily. Data manipulation is what allows your favorite music streaming app to recommend a song you like. It’s also what guarantees you’ll get a special promotion for that boot you’ve been dating on site X for a long time.

Allied to automation, data processing on the internet humanizes communication channels, customizing the user’s online experience. It gives people access to what they like or needs the most, based on their individual needs and preferences.

Data Manipulation in RPA Automation

The problem is that, if we have access to a lot of data and technologies capable of intelligently interpreting this information, we do not encourage users to interpret the information present on the internet with a critical and sharp eye.

What can we do to deal with data manipulation on the internet?

On the part of companies, it is necessary to adopt data protection and control measures, putting the privacy and rights of users first, and acting ethically to provide the best service fairly.

What do Software Robots (RPA) do?

Robots perform repetitive tasks.

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– They execute transactions within systems (ERP, CRM, others).

– They report information periodically to the indicated people (either internal or external to the organization).

– They send mails (even massive ones) being able to send previously prepared attachments.

– Converts data and graphics formats, including character and image recognition.

What are the benefits of RPA?

Data Manipulation in RPA Automation

– Increase efficiency and productivity: the automation of the process frees up human capacity. People focus on decision-making and customer relationships.

– Increased operational agility – Automations are fast to develop and deploy and run 24/7.

– Reduce operational risk: best practices are standardized.

– Greater control, governance, and IT security: greater security when handling confidential customer data. Central control of automation.

What are the solutions available for RPA?

RPA software robots allow managing a virtual workforce integrated with the current workforce, without adding complexity or requiring changes in the current IT systems or architecture.

There are several software solutions available on the internet.

– UiPath: Each component has a separate value. Web-based architecture.

– Automation Anywhere: Its components are licensed together as an RPA Express license. Web-based architecture.

– Blue Prism: Licensed as a single component. Client-server architecture.

The 3 platforms allow installation on work PCs and the subscription payment is annual and includes support and maintenance.


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