Everything you need to know UiPath AWS

In this blog post, we will provide an overview of the UiPath-AWS partnership, including the advantages and benefits of using UiPath and AWS together.

When did UiPath AWS Start?

In July 2020, UiPath’s announcement of its integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides enterprise-ready cloud infrastructure and applications to boost employee productivity, improve customer experience, and accelerate digital transformation through dynamically-scaled AI-powered RPA solutions. 

The integrated end-to-end platform for hyper-automation with AWS will enable customers to take advantage of UiPath’s leading automation capabilities, including intelligent process mining, process modeling, layered automation workflows, knowledge capture, and management. With this integration, UiPath is making it easier than ever for customers to get started with RPA and quickly realize the benefits of automating their business processes.

Everything you need to know UiPath AWS

Benefits of the integrations between UiPath AWS

The integration between UiPath and AWS offers a number of benefits for customers looking to automate their business processes.

Rapidly implement and scale automation 

The integration enables them to rapidly deploy and scale their automation with auto-deployment on AWS. This means that customers can easily configure virtual machines and deploy robots without having to worry about the complexities of setting up and managing a separate infrastructure. 

Additionally, the integration streamlines the deployment of RPA development, test, and production environments on AWS, with managed cloud database and multi-instance caching support. This makes it simpler and faster for customers to get started with UiPath on AWS, while also ensuring that they can take advantage of the full range of AWS services when they need to scale their digital workforce.

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Call center front-end and all backend systems

Everything you need to know UiPath AWS

By integrating with Amazon Web Services, UiPath can connect the call center front-end with all backend systems. A full zero-touch customer self-service automation solution will free up agents to work on more complex customer issues. 

And because UiPath runs in the cloud, call center staff can get near real-time responses to their inquiries, improving First Call Resolution and reducing Average Handling Time. In addition, UiPath’s integration with AWS can help increase customer satisfaction scores and boost loyalty. 

Bring AI to workflows

UiPath, a leading provider of AI solutions, partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS), will make it even easier for enterprises to add AI capabilities into their automated workflows. AWS offers a wide range of AI services, including machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision. 

With UiPath’s new integration, enterprises can simply drag and drop the AWS AI capabilities into their automated workflows. For example, they can use Amazon Textract to automate tasks such as extracting text from documents or images. This will save businesses time and money while also making their operations more efficient and effective

Boost IT productivity

The partnership has given enterprises the ability to boost IT productivity by automating routine tasks and processes with UiPath’s enterprise-grade RPA platform. The new integrations harness the power of AWS to enable organizations to quickly and easily automate their IT workflows on the AWS cloud.

Everything you need to know UiPath AWS

The integrations UiPath AWS include more than 30 powerful, out-of-the-box IT automation activities that cover essential tasks such as virtual machine management, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket provisioning, and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance creation. 

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With these capabilities, enterprises can now create highly scalable and seamless automation across their AWS infrastructure. The integrations also make it easier for enterprises to manage and monitor their UiPath automation via a single interface – the AWS Management Console.

To wrap up,

UiPath is a leading provider of robotic process automation (RPA) software while Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s leading cloud computing platform. The integration UiPath AWS has allowed UiPath customers to run their RPA workloads on AWS, and take advantage of the scalability and flexibility that AWS provides. Contact SmartOSC for advice on RPA service

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