Evolving from Robotic Process Automation to Intelligent Automation

Many businesses are interested in using robotic automation to automate business activities as they operate in a digital-first environment that demands smooth operations and more value from assets. To accomplish this stage, companies use innovative technologies for bringing improvements. So, RPA has experienced greater evolution for benefiting different companies. In this article, we are going to discuss the evolution of the RPA to Intelligent automation.

Intelligent Automation Is the Next Step the RPA Technology

Evolving from Robotic Process Automation to Intelligent Automation

Organizations are streamlining the rule-based activities with software programs that do not need human contact and implementing them on platforms such as ERPs, workflows, and datasets by implementing robotic process automation (RPA). Intelligent Automation (IA), which encompasses techniques like computer vision and flexible workflow, is the next step in the automation journey after RPA. By learning and adapting as it executes, Intelligent Automation creates exponential value.

The Rising Interest of People in the RPA Technology

Evolving from Robotic Process Automation to Intelligent Automation

While interest in RPA keeps on growing, there is still a lack of understanding about what this tool is, how it can be effectively used, and where it is headed. Genpact collaborated with Zinnov, a research organization, to publish this practical study to clear up the misunderstanding around RPA and its future.

This book presents best practices to businesses at different degrees of maturity, based on insights from over 25 conversations with RPA professionals and technical experts, as well as Genpact’s lessons learned from deploying over 1100 Bots.

Beyond the initial gains in productivity, we focus on how companies are affecting top-line growth as intelligent technology evolves to encompass more powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and alters the workforce and people to maximize developmental capabilities.

Evolution of the RPA Technology in Intelligent Automation

Evolving from Robotic Process Automation to Intelligent Automation

Over the last few years, robotic process automation has progressed tremendously. RPA significantly increases performance and lowers operational costs when used in conjunction with systematic planning.

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The majority of business operations are manual, predictable, and repetitive, and software robots can automate more than 70% of them. Through significant cooperation between intelligent automation and human employees, activities that are more complicated and need human judgment can also be mechanized by 15–20 percent. As an example, Figure 1 depicts the complexity of processes and automation prospects in financial services.

Automating Intelligently

Evolving from Robotic Process Automation to Intelligent Automation

Automation has been around for a long time, beginning with robots replacing humans on production lines and progressing to encompass ai technology, cognitive technology, and robotic process automation. Nearly every sector may benefit from intelligent automation technologies. Intelligent automation robots can process and analyze large volumes of data, looking for irregularities, verifying for accuracy, and learning in the process. It should be mentioned that intelligent automation is not currently simple to deploy, and adopting it should not be taken lightly.

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