Get Control of your RPA bots

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a common method for automating specific operations in programs that can’t interface with other systems or tools via APIs. RPA is an excellent tactical option for automating particular processes that were previously paper-based or required manual entry. Teams may use RPA to selectively automate processes without putting in a lot of time or requiring IT to do a lot of heavy lifting. In the near term, RPA may bring real advantages to a company by allowing consumers to perform less time and attention on low-value manual labor and more effort and resources on strategic initiatives.

However, when the amount of RPA bots rises and teams would take on more complicated types of projects, most firms run into problems.

Benefits of the Personalize and Controlling of the Bots in RPA

 Get Control of your RPA bots

Nintex RPA Central provides IT administrators with new, sophisticated features so they can feel confident allowing corporate users to interact with RPA to swiftly and cost-effectively automate common processes without writing the code. Bots, licenses, and users may all be managed quickly and simply by administrators. They can quickly upload and unpublish botflowsTM, as well as evaluate, authorize, or prohibit bots’ access to Nintex RPA Central.

Peace of mind is provided via encrypted messaging between Nintex RPA Central and RPA bots, as well as Active Directory Authentication. Additionally, an on-premises Microsoft SQL database enables centralized storage for the botflowsTM of the enterprise. The database is entirely secured, and each company has its certificate authority.

SmartOSC DX Offers the Opportunities to Control the Bots

 Get Control of your RPA bots

Controlling and orchestrating bots to improve efficiency and guarantee that the highest-priority activities are completed first can be essential for businesses using software robots for digital transformation.

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SmartOSC DX RPA Central, which was just released, tackles these issues by providing end-users with a sophisticated, centralized place to coordinate, operate, and protect RPA bots through an easy-to-use, powerful web-based interface. SmartOSC DX RPA Central makes bot assignments and planning simple, which are two important aspects of increasing bot productivity.

How Does SmartOSC DX Manage to Personalise the Bots for the Companies?

 Get Control of your RPA bots

All of your bot operational requirements may be found in one place. In addition to delivering enterprise-grade cryptography, SmartOSC DX RPA Central employs role-based access control systems (RBAC), which make it simple to manage user access and permissions, reducing risk and improving compliance. SmartOSC DX RPA provides users with access to its power, while IT and operational experts can monitor and limit access.

Admins may use SmartOSC DX RPA Central to manage and regulate botflowTM licenses and bot access. It’s assigned to a particular on-premises workstation, but the RPA Central online application may be accessed through a browser from those other computers in the very same area. Authorized users may simply access RPA Central by logging in with the same password and username they use at work.


SmartOSC DX is offering highly advanced and the latest RPA technology to users. We understand that only the latest technology will increase productivity and revenue generation to a greater extent. To get in contact with us, you can message us online at our website. 

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