How Can RPA Improve Test Automation in Times of Covid-19

We are residing in challenging times. With the majority of us working remotely, economies all over the globe are grappling with how to operate processes without enough staff. Despite several attempts to enable people to do work from the comfort of home while maintaining productivity, the IT/ITES business has nothing like these issues. Because most software developers operate in a less regulated environment, it is up to the Quality Assurance (QA) teams to guarantee that deliveries are thoroughly tested before they are signed off.

Use of the RPA Technology for Test Automation

How Can RPA Improve Test Automation in Times of Covid-19

Technology is now at the vanguard of this dilemma, guiding businesses through it. Robotic Process Automation (RPA), in an instance, has repeatedly shown to be a valuable ally for Quality Assurance teams in assisting with enhanced inspection of produced applications. The automation of functionality and quality tests is considered to be more effective while using RPA’s codeless, workflow-driven setup of test scenarios. Unlike most automated test tools, which respond to various technology solutions, RPA tools such as AssistEdge RPA collaborate across a wide variety of platforms, including web-based applications, desktop applications, java-based applications, widely used business applications such as SAP, Oracle EBS, Siebel, and productivity applications such as MS Office suite, email client, and others. Furthermore, Citrix/VDI applications and Mainframe apps are both automatic and more reliable.

How Can RPA Improve Test Automation in Times of Covid-19?

How Can RPA Improve Test Automation in Times of Covid-19

Here are a few ways RPA may help with Test Automation.

  1. Supports Reusability: QA groups are frequently asked to produce and distribute reusable resources like tools and frameworks, rich statements, validity reports, and interfaces with test management systems. They can accomplish it more efficiently with the aid of RPA. Most RPA solutions also include a repository of commonly used automation apps. AssistEdge RPA provides a collection of more than 200 reusable skills available through the AssistEdge Marketplace. These components may be used to automate a variety of test scenarios with minimal effort.
  1. RPA Solutions Simplify Test Automation by providing ready connectors with different applications and the aforementioned repeatable assets, resulting in a considerable boost in the simplicity and speed of test case automation. In addition, if the apps being tested change, just modest changes to the automated activities are necessary. We’ve seen QA teams benefit from adopting RPA solutions for test automation in the following ways:
  • Configuring efforts are reduced by 40%.
  • Servicing and reworking efforts are reduced by more than half.
  • 100% of test scenarios are covered.
  1. Increases Flexibility: These automation methods operate in an unsupervised manner, requiring no operator intervention. Additionally, RPA allows you to run everything in an observed mode, which allows the processes to wait for and receive input from users throughout execution.

SmartOSC DX Offers the Extensive, High-Quality, and Highly Dependable RPA Services

How Can RPA Improve Test Automation in Times of Covid-19

Technology has endured the test of time, and RPA in specific has aided businesses in thriving during difficult periods like COVID-19. SmartOSC DX is a well-renowned organization with a great reputation in the market. We offer extensive, highly dependable, and high-quality services for the improvement of test automation. Businesses should use RPA, such as SmartOSC DX, to share the responsibility and create new quality requirements for the apps being produced by their staff.


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