How Robots, IoT And Artificial Intelligence Are Transforming The Police?

Advanced technology has revolutionized almost all sectors including how law enforcement department functions. Capturing criminals has now become easy due to evidence gathered from various connected digital devices like Fitbit and Amazon dot. However, these are stated to be the fundamental transformation taking place in the enforcement department. Robots, Artificial Intelligence and IoT (Internet of Things) have been providing benefits to combat crime in every form. Also is raised a few challenging questions concerning right to security breaches and privacy. 

IoT helps combat crime

How Robots, IoT And Artificial Intelligence Are Transforming The Police?

Digital evidence is now better handled by the law enforcement agencies, thus understanding what to identify at the different crime scenes. Crimes can now be solved using by deriving information from Fitbits, Echo devices and gaming consoles. Such connected devices can help contradict alibis while assisting to catch lies. Detectives can now use a wide range of digital devices like phones, watches, pen, etc. to analyze and solve crimes. During patrol, officers can be found to have in place body cams that offer enhanced patrolling. It also helps enhance self-awareness thereby preventing officers from exhibiting unacceptable behavior with those interacting with. 

GPS projectiles are fitted in a few squad cars with the ability to be hooked onto the alleged perpetrator’s vehicle. It can be then shot using a remote control. This way, officers can know the whereabouts of the suspect, thereby avoiding dangerous, high-sped car pursuits. 

Robo Cops

Robo cops have already been launched in countries like Dubai to combat crime. They are considered to be 100% robot and are known to speak fluently 6langages. They can even read facial expressions. People may report crime by using its computer touch screen. Equipped with powerful camera, tourist spots are the targeted areas for its deployment. Live images are sent from the camera to the police headquarters. Thus, suspects can be apprehended quickly. 

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There are also deployed other robots across the globe with the purpose to investigate, collect evidence and detonate bombs. Some are even used for crowd management. 

How Robots, IoT And Artificial Intelligence Are Transforming The Police?

Predictive Policing with Artificial Intelligence

Global agencies are trying to switch towards data-drive approaches when it comes to solving crimes. Patterns can be solved quickly by machine learning and prove to be useful if discerning an offender’s modus operandi. Work can be improved and speeded up using digital tools as well as to identify connections. Such algorithms are expected to identify serial crimes in the near future. 


When adopting Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence there arises lots of questions and concerns that needs to get addressed. Globally, law enforcement officials are grappled with such issues. The challenge is to identify the appropriate balance to derive benefits from this modern technology to solve crime, preserve security & privacy. 

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