How RPA automation skyrockets across industries and geographies

When it comes to automating business processes, there is perhaps no automation tool more popular than Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA has rapidly gained in popularity across industries and geographies in recent years, thanks in part to its ability to quickly and easily automate routine tasks. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how RPA automation skyrockets across industries and geographies. 

RPA Has Demonstrated Its Worth Across All Industries

Here are some of the most important sectors where RPA automation is widely used:

How RPA automation skyrockets across industries and geographies

Finance & Accounting

RPA may be the quickest approach to generating value in the financial sector by streamlining regular and high-volume processes. 

Software robots can assist digitize activities across the board, reduce expenses, and increase compliance, giving your personnel more time to focus on more important tasks. This includes accounts payables and receivables. 

RPA can also manage the supply chain, monitor inventory turnovers, process invoices, and onboard customers more quickly.

Human Resources

Automation has greatly benefited HR departments by freeing up their time from unnecessary activities and making their workplace more human-centric. RPA can help firms manage payroll and benefits, expedite recruitment procedures, accelerate employee onboarding, and automate digital operations within HR systems from hire to retirement.

IT Operations

How RPA automation skyrockets across industries and geographies

From user account creation to termination, and password resets to virtual machine provisioning, enterprise IT teams perform several repetitive and time-consuming tasks every day. 

RPA automation can relieve the workload of IT professionals in some operational areas so they can concentrate on work that adds value to the business.

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Public Sector

RPA’s able to work with all types of applications and connect disparate legacy and proprietary systems while offering the highest level of security standards. Therefore, governments have begun to demonstrate tangible benefits in agencies around the world, improving operational efficiency in the back and front offices and providing improved citizen services.

How COVID-19 Increased Enterprise Interest in RPA

Many businesses were more interested in RPA as a result of the pandemic and the accompanying recession. As companies seek to digitally empower crucial business operations through resilience and scalability, experts forecast that 90% of large enterprises worldwide will have embraced RPA in some form by 2022.

How RPA automation skyrockets across industries and geographies

Due to COVID-19’s effects, they expect RPA demand to increase and service providers to promote RPA solutions to their clients. End users will find it more beneficial when there is less reliance on human labor for everyday digital tasks. And it will result in cost savings and also protect the company from any pandemic-related effects in the future.

Expectations for RPA Capacity

The capability of large enterprises’ current RPA portfolios is expected to triple by 2024. Large businesses that are buying new add-on capacity from their original vendor or ecosystem partners will make up the majority of the “new” investment.

This development is a logical response to the mounting pressure on an organization’s “everywhere” infrastructure.

Potentials of Non-IT RPA clients

How RPA automation skyrockets across industries and geographies

RPA use will rise as business users become more aware of it. Analysts anticipate that by 2024, almost half of all new RPA clients will originate from non-IT business users.

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Instead of just focusing on IT, the top RPA software companies are now successfully aiming for chief financial officers (CFOs) and chief operating officers (COOs). They enjoy how quickly low-code and no-code automation can be implemented. 

In conclusion,

Robotic process automation is growing rapidly in industries and geographies all around the world. If you haven’t started investigating how RPA can help your business, now is the time. 

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