Important Features of Automation Anywhere: A Complete Review

Automation Anywhere is among the most well-known RPA services providers, with sophisticated and user-friendly RPA features for automating human-driven business operations. AA is a web-based software application that gives businesses the ability to execute end-to-end automatic systems and processes. This solution is used by over 500 prominent businesses across the world to manage and expand their business operations with near-zero mistake rates and low operating expenses. 

Instead of writing software, the AA lets you create scripts to execute repetitive activities. They can automate a wide range of tasks, from simple Window frames setting to advanced network and remote database management.

Main Features of the Automation Anywhere Platform

Important Features of Automation Anywhere: A Complete Review

Without a doubt, the automation anywhere program offers a variety of unique capabilities to help with automated processes. Let’s take a closer look at some of the tool’s most useful features:

  1. Useful Task Editor

It is able to develop tasks in automating at any place by clicking and dragging things from the toolkit. The task editor allows the user to change, break down, and even enhance the tasks that have been documented. There are over 380 activities in the task manager.

  1. Designer of Reports

The user may produce and print reports indicating the implementation history of specific activities using this automated anywhere RPA functionality. It also makes it possible to make your own reports. Task Calendar, Task Runs, Workflow Timeframe, Visual Logging, and ROI statistics are all included in the AA tool.

  1. Manager of Triggers

This AA functionality allows you to run processes or activities in response to external occurrences such as the start/stop of a program or services, the modification of a file and folder, or changes in application performance such as CPU use or disc space.

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5. Workload Control

To meet the expectations of entrepreneurship SLA, this functionality offers prioritized queue management. Within the automated order processing approach, Workload Management (WLM) provides for the manual prioritization of high-value transactions.

6. Maintenance of the Automated Lifecycle

The chaotic process of establishing RPA automation in large businesses may be made more orderly with Automation Lifecycle Management (ALM). It enables RPA bots to continue through all phases of the software lifetime as specified by the company.

7. Practical Predictive Analytics

Version 11’s central room contains predictive operations insights thanks to built-in insights of the RPA bots.  The graphical panels’ RPA analytics provide actionable information such as bots at risk of damage and algorithms with the best return on that investment.

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Important Features of Automation Anywhere: A Complete Review

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