Instructions For Integrating with Robotic Process Automation Tools

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software that helps in automating the business tasks. RPA-based software robots can acquire and interpret applications for completing transactions, modifying data, initiating replies, and interacting with other digital systems. RPA is the right solution for many knowledge-intensive jobs that need a lot of manual labor as it excels in handling repetitive, rule-based, large-volume operations.

Why Integrate with Robotic Process Automation Tools?

Business executives understand that automation is essential for long-term success. In fact, according to research from The Economist Intelligence Unit, 93% of businesses believe automation can help them jumpstart their digital transformation. Automation, on the other hand, is neither a strategy nor a technology.

Instructions For Integrating with Robotic Process Automation Tools

Companies want to know whether automation technology is suitable for them as they begin to adopt an “automation first” mentality. There are RPA tools that help in expanding the workflow automation to the apps wherein traditional RPA tools fail. RPA tools are more advanced and time-saving as well as code-free, they use the Graphical User Interface for the automation of tasks.

Instructions For Integrating with Robotic Process Automation Tools

Create a Bot Activity element and configure it. Within your process, use the Bot Activity icon in the Elements palette under System to call an RPA integration developed with one of Oracle Integration’s RPA adapters. You can use an RPA integration to connect to an external RPA tool (depending on the adapter you choose) and use its features to automate a job.

Instructions For Integrating with Robotic Process Automation Tools

The task requires human intervention for the integration of business processes. The business processes require intervention during the times when it does not have any adapter in Oracle Integration as well as have no APIs. You can replace these human operations with RPA tools and expand workflow automation across disparate or legacy applications by using a bot activity.

To use a Bot Activity element, follow these steps:

  1. On the editor canvas, drag and drop the element to the desired location in your process flow.
  2. Pick the element, then click the Menu icon and select Open Properties from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select an active RPA integration in the Bot Activity field.
  4. Define the element’s needed data associations.

While integrating the RPA tools, you should think of the following:

  1. Utilize the RPA adaptors for using and activating the RPA integrations
  2. Make data associations for the bot activity based on the type of data that the RPA integration requires and returns.


Although RPA tools are popular, integrating them may require some certain skills from experts. SmartOSC DX offers affordable yet high-quality RPA services. You can contact us today to get to know about how to apply automation into your company. 

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