Is There a Free RPA? Top Free & Freemium RPA Providers?

In 2021, it is expected that 20% of all enterprises would have used RPA, up from 13% in 2020. However, because installing RPA can be pricey ($5,000-$15,000 per year), there is a growing demand for free RPA solutions.

In this article, we look at a list of premium RPA suppliers that offer free trials of complete versions of their technology or restricted versions of their program.

What Is The Significance Of Free Rpa?

Is There a Free RPA? Top Free & Freemium RPA Providers?

RPA organizations may expand their developer base by using free versions of closed source products. We predict more RPA providers to offer free trial/freemium versions of their software as small firms and startups become more interested in implementing digital transformation. This enables them to:

  • More developers will be exposed to you. Developers are now more likely to hear about items that they can install and test.
  • More companies will be exposed to you. Smaller businesses that seek to automate relatively simple operations will find freemium versions particularly appealing. And, once they’ve built their process solutions with freemium RPA, the firm that provides freemium RPA will be able to update them to a premium package.

UiPath International Company is a Top-Class Company, Offering Free RPA Services

Is There a Free RPA? Top Free & Freemium RPA Providers?

The emergence of UiPath is a possible illustration of this. We can’t go into every reason that contributed to UiPath’s market dominance, but they were the first of the top three vendors to provide a free version. UiPath Community Edition was released in 2016, Automation Anywhere Community Edition was released in 2019, and Blue Prism Learning Edition was released in 2019. The following is a list of RPAs that provide a free trial.

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For a short period, the following RPA systems offer free access to all or some of the RPA functionalities:

1. Anywhere Automation

Automation Anywhere is among the top 3 RPA companies in the world. Their low-code RPA program is available for a free 30-day trial.

2. VisualCron Technology

VisualCron is a Windows-based automating, synchronization, and task scheduling program. For 45 days, you may access the full capabilities of their trial edition.

Rpas That Are Available For Free

Is There a Free RPA? Top Free & Freemium RPA Providers?

Users can utilize part of their RPA solution’s functions for an infinite amount of time if they employ the freemium model. These companies include.

1. Community Edition of AssistEdge

For learners and freelance professionals, AssistEdge Community Edition provides a free automating platform. Alexa, Google Home Mini, Microsoft Bot Framework, IFTTT, and Google or Microsoft cognitive APIs are all supported by the tool. Their community panel gives customers a consolidated, consistent view of the specifics of their process execution. Customers may now access the specifics of their automated execution from anywhere on the internet.

2. Community Edition of UiPath

UiPath provides a freemium package with 3 robots of automating capability for individuals RPA programmers and limited staff.


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