Outstanding features of RPA in Blue Prism

Are you looking for software that can manage and automate your business processes? If so, then you should consider using RPA in Blue Prism. This software has many outstanding features that can help your business run more efficiently. In this article, we will discuss some of the key benefits of using Blue Prism RPA. We will also explore how this software can help improve your workflow process. So, if you are interested in learning more about RPA in Blue Prism, keep reading!

About Blue Prism Software

Blue Prism software is designed to help businesses automate their processes. It uses a drag-and-drop interface to make it easy to create workflows, and it includes a wide range of features out of the box. It also has good integration with a number of popular business applications. 

The software is available in two editions: Professional and Enterprise. The Professional edition is suitable for small businesses, while the Enterprise edition is designed for larger businesses. 

Outstanding features of RPA in Blue Prism

Blue Prism also offers a number of support and training services to help businesses get the most out of the software. Overall, Blue Prism is a powerful and user-friendly solution that can help businesses automate their processes and improve their efficiency.

Key Features of Blue Prism Robotic Automation

These are just some of the key features that make Blue Prism an essential tool for businesses looking to automate their operations.

Plug&play Access

The software provides “plug and plays” access to most common business applications, allowing automation to be up and running quickly with minimal disruption.

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Work Queues

Blue Prism’s work queues feature ensures that tasks are automatically routed to the next available resource, ensuring that work is completed in a timely manner.

Digital Exchange

The digital exchange allows businesses to share best practices and process improvements with other Blue Prism customers, helping to drive continuous improvement.

Dependency Tracking

One key feature is dependency tracking, which helps users to keep track of changes in dependencies between processes and applications. This ensures that blueprints are always up-to-date and assists with problem-solving in complex environments.

Multi-Team Environments

Outstanding features of RPA in Blue Prism

Another helpful feature for users is the ability to work in multi-team environments. This allows blueprints to be shared across teams and makes it easy to track and manage changes.


The web API feature exposes Blue Prism functionality to external tools and systems, making it easy to integrate robotic process automation into existing workflows. 

Chrome Support

Blue Prism’s new Chrome extension enables users to automate web pages and applications within the Chrome browser. The extension is based on Blue Prism’s industry-leading robotic process automation (RPA) technology, which offers a number of advantages over traditional web automation tools.

Firefox Browser Plug-in

Automating web pages and apps in Firefox with Blue Prism is simple and efficient, helping users save time and improve productivity. In addition, the extension makes it easy to switch between different browsers, providing greater flexibility and compatibility. 

To wrap up,

Blue Prism has a number of features that make it an outstanding RPA platform. Its ease of use, scalability and robust security measures are just some of the reasons why businesses are turning to Blue Prism for their automation needs. If you’re interested in learning more about how Blue Prism RPA can help your business automate its processes, contact us today. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and see how we can put Blue Prism’s capabilities to work for you.

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