Process Intelligence: A Multi-Dimensional Approach

Automation, in its broadest sense, refers to the use of automated technological techniques and systems to execute a task or a group of activities with little or no human involvement. Whereas most people associate automation with robots, the majority of automated activities have been carried out only by software.

Is RPA an important phenomenon? The answer is yes. It has become more important during the crisis of the corona times. In this article, we are also going to describe the process intelligence phenomenon and multidimensional approach. 

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Data Aggregation from Procedure Separate Systems: A Novel Approach

Process Intelligence: A Multi-Dimensional Approach

It has become easier to extract process knowledge as years have passed. Thanks to technical improvements, we can now implement technologies that interact at numerous levels to collect various sorts of process knowledge. Previously, organizations had to spend a significant amount of effort manually extracting data from numerous apps and systems. Then, using technologies like spreadsheets, they’d have to modify the data and transform it into significant data.

These efforts were time-consuming; just getting to a point where information could be transformed into one that could be analyzed may take many months. When working with thousands of transaction data, this would result in a significant error rate, with aspects of the process being completely missed, leading to a severely inadequate view of the specified environment.

A Multi-Dimensional Approach is a solution

Process Intelligence: A Multi-Dimensional Approach

The ability to mix data from most of the silos and then provide all of the learned information in a holistic 360° picture is the way ahead for a more mature approach to project discovery. True Process Intelligence is born from a centralized perspective that can show a comprehensive picture by combining numerous sources of information and then filling in any potential gaps, which is a tremendous leap forward while contrasted to siloed data. Activities across multiple data sets may be linked together and a more comprehensive end-to-end image can be produced by including AI and Machine Learning into the equation.

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It’s simple to open connecting all of the various functions to the organization when you have processed information from several sources in one database. 

What’s more, you’ll be able to acquire not just a consolidated organizational picture, but also a look by the department. Managers and supervisors have a better understanding of what is actually impacting them and where they could be able to enhance their unit. They also gain insight into how bottlenecks in other departments’ processes may be hurting them, permitting diverse roles to work together to build things across the board.

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Process Intelligence: A Multi-Dimensional Approach

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