Robotic Process Automation Tutorial For Beginners

From the first science fiction books and movies, reference was made to technological advances to the point of having automatic systems and robots to make human life more comfortable, and avoid doing those tasks that almost no one likes to do. Thanks to research and technological development, more precise concepts have been developed for different areas of robotics and automation, one of which is Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software technology that is very easy to build, manage, and deploy software robots to emulate human actions. This refers to the automation of processes that a person performs but through software. 

These can be the authentication process on a platform, organizing files from one folder to another, and extracting information, and taking them to another place from a database. Also, that is extracting content from documents, images, or web pages, filling out forms according to the information database, sending emails or messages on social networks in a personalized way, connecting with APIs of different systems, and calculating values ​​to complete information, among many others.

A detailed guide to the RPA

Robotic Process Automation Tutorial For Beginners

RPA comes from the advancement of Business Process Management BPM in the 90s, which aimed to manage all the business processes of a company and with the help of technology to be able to visualize and transform them. When the opportunity to automate them was seen, the Business Process Automation BPA emerged, focused on automating a business process from start to finish. It was also necessary to do it with manual tasks, which were quite a lot in business processes, with which the RPA itself emerged at the beginning of 2000.

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RPA became an increasingly important element in research, development, and implementation in organizations. It was added to the growth of other technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, big data, and cloud computing, all within a concept that became a necessity for companies, digital transformation.

The accelerated technological advance towards the technologies that were cutting edge was quickly obsolete. The growing fear of the companies of losing competitive advantage led to an increase in their budget for innovation, research, and technological management, promoting the RPA to increasingly clear and effective solutions.

RPA maturity has reached the point of performing highly complex processes for full job titles, training through process rules to perform tasks more accurately and faster than people. RPA solutions can be applied progressively, so a total and sudden change in the organization’s work dynamics is not necessary.

Robotic Process Automation Tutorial For Beginners


With the increase in the volume of data in the world and the technologies that allow it to be processed, the possibilities continue to increase, proposing the integration of RPA tools with artificial intelligence and data analytics. 

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