RPA: Common Implementation Issues and How We Tackle Them at Perfectial

RPA is an automation process that automates ordinary computer-based tasks such as copy-paste, re-entering data, filling the information in excel sheets etc at high volume and speed and provides error-free results.

Common RPA Implementation Issue

RPA: Common Implementation Issues and How We Tackle Them at Perfectial

RPA implementation may sound perfect to the organizations out there as it constructs a whole new environment for the business processes to execute. But when it comes to implementing an RPA in an organisation, it is not as easy as it seems as it comes with a lot of challenges. Some of the commonly faced challenges are discussed below.

Coordination Problem

The coordination between the team members involved in the automation process has to be great to execute the process with utmost precision. The lack of coordination will result in underperformance and security risks.

RPA Customisation

All organisations are different in their way and have their requirements to meet their demand. This leads to customization of the RPA but due to the lack of skilled team required for customisation the organization has to suffer.

Unclear Expectations

We should have a plan before we carry forward a process and should be aware of its outcomes. The absence of clarity of the outcome will affect the project immensely.

RPA: Common Implementation Issues and How We Tackle Them at Perfectial

Maintenance of the RPA

The maintenance of the RPA is one of the crucial parts to keep the automation alive. If regular maintenance is not followed then it will lead to a lot of reoccurring issues.

Infrastructure issue

Dealing directly with the infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges. It will be difficult to get the approval of everyone in the organisation.  It will also be difficult if the organisation does not have an interlinked system to keep cloud or backup.

Picking the Wrong RPA

This is one of the common challenges faced by the organization. They recognize it only after the implementation of RPA. They realize that they have picked the wrong RPA when it fails to meet the expected outcome and it exceeds the expense.


RPA: Common Implementation Issues and How We Tackle Them at Perfectial

The proper functioning of the RPA is necessary to get the best results of the automation and to achieve it we have to overcome the challenges which we face during its implementation. The solution to those challenges is listed down below.

  1. For the proper implementation of RPA, there has to be proper coordination between the workers involved in the process of implementation. This will reduce the risk and ensure safety.
  2. Always get in touch with a knowledgeable, skilled and helpful team for satisfactory implementation.
  3. The clarity of the plan and its outcomes are important, so creating an awareness of the results will be helpful to remove any confusion and work with clarity.
  4. The technical staff must keep checking on any technical or operational issues for successful implementation.
  5. An authorised infrastructure team is necessary to accelerate the automation with an inter-related cloud infrastructure updated.
  6. The wrong RPA selection is a commonly encountered issue that will be solved with a proper discussion between the organisation and the RPA implementing team.


RPA enhances efficiency by streamlining the cost but all these come with a few challenges and having a plan to solve them will ensure the RPA accomplishment. SmartOSC DX is the solution to all these issues, connect with us via.

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