RPA Consulting & Strategy

RPA (Robotic Press Automation) is a process in which businesses utilize software robots, or just ‘bots’ to complete the business’ digital workload. These software bots are fully automated, meaning more resources remain to fully tackled the manual side of the business, a side where staff can efficiently work without the added digital workload. An RPA process requires showing the bots the exact task they must perform, which is strikingly similar to training a new employee to perform a specific job, and then leaving the bots to continuously perform that task. The RPA process is a huge time-saver for businesses, and it allows the employees to work quicker and efficiently.

Learn About RPA Consulting & Strategy

RPA Consulting & Strategy

The RPA consulting and strategy process works as follows:

The RPA consultation step

In this step, an RPA consultant assesses and studies the workflow of the business.  During their assessment, the consultant helps you recognize how your business operates in a digital environment, and carefully plans an RPA roadmap to prepare your business for RPA implementation. This roadmap details how your business will be optimized to achieve the highest productivity without overworking manual staff. Before contacting you with a suitable and viable automation solution, the SmartOSC DX consultant will thoroughly test and select the best RPA and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology.

The OCR is a technology that works side-by-side with RPA, in that it works to recognize all text found in digital images, such as photographs and scanned documents. After developing a suitable automation infrastructure, an automation specialist from SmartOSC DX will work with you to recognise which manual tasks at your business need to be digitized and will ultimately select the satisfactory intervention model to utilize.

The implementation step

After the consultant and automation specialist identify and choose a proper model to use, the RPA developers move on to implementing the RPA process. The RPA developers at SmartOSC DX follow only the most ethical methods to fully implement the RPA process at your business by creating automation bots that can independently use Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Services and Machine Learning. 

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It does not end there, after implementation, we also provide business continuity services to help your business adjust to its new digitized environment.

The support step

After a successful rollout of both the RPA and ICR technologies, our support team will execute and maintain automation techniques. Going back to our business continuity support, the support team will also update the technologies to always ensure maximum performance.

RPA Consulting & Strategy

RPA Consulting & Development Services at SmartOSC DX

We at SmartOSC DX are huge believers in helping businesses and enterprises transition seamlessly into the digital world through our services in integrating Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and RPA technologies. Our technology is not just an upgrade for your business, it is also an upgrade for your employees, as we improve their productivity while reducing your operating costs and improving scalability.

Our vast understanding of tools such as Ui Path, Blue Prism, and Pega amongst others helps us create better process automation systems for all sorts of businesses.


RPA Consultancy and strategy include the steps that help in the implementation of RPA into the organization. With the help of the right RPA strategy and consultancy services, our organization will be able to implement the RPA technology. Thus, companies can generate four times higher revenue and experience tremendous business growth with the help of RPA technology. You should contact SmartOSC DX for automating business processes in your organization. 

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