RPA Development Success Stories

Over the years, RPA software is designed for multiple organizations that reduce their workload in repetitive mundane tasks. It has also drastically reduced the errors made by the human factor. For RPA to be beneficial it must be integrated and implemented in the right way. 

The first thing businesses need to consider is in which area of the business do they need automation. You cannot automate poorly controlled and faulty processes as they will only create problems when automated. 

The tasks must be standardized and properly aligned for RPA to benefit your company. Before integrating the RPA system into your business, educate your employees about the technology and its working method and make necessary changes into your management framework so that the transition of work tasks is done without any resistance. 

Learn About RPA Development Success Stories 

RPA Development Success Stories

Robotic process automation has been a successful technology in improving the productivity and accuracy of data-driven businesses like Banking. Let’s look at some of the successful developments of RPA that have made a turnaround for businesses in less time. 

  • Credit Limit Extension

An Indian bank had to deal with a lot of requests for credit extensions every day. It was a risky task as the employees were dealing with the customer’s personal information involving their credibility. They also had to read every email and approve it according to a predefined approval matrix. 

The bank introduced the RPA tool for this task; the emails were automatically read and analyzed for approval against the predefined matrix. Alongside bots also updated the credit extension limits in the banking system. 

  • Auto classification of Documents
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A US-based bank had an issue with handling 35 million documents for loan applications and other support. They used RPA and AI for automatically indexing, analyzing, and classifying those 35 million documents into 275 predefined categories within two weeks.  

  • Automation of Bank Account opening 

An India-based bank was facing a problem in opening the bank accounts of their customers. The process took a long time when done manually and the customers were starting to go for other banks due to delay in the procedure. They implemented the RPA software that automated the whole process of opening a bank account in just 3-5 minutes. 

RPA Development Services at SmartOSC DX

RPA Development Success Stories

SmartOSC DX is a safe custom-made solution for digitally transforming your business, it’s an authorized partner with Zoho Products. They provide consultation, integration, customization, management, and training services for Zoho products. 

They have experts from all around the world who provide the best RPA services to their clients. They also make customized RPA systems for organizations that want to target some specific operation of their business. 

When developing a project, the developers have complete access to customization flexibility. Developers at SmartOSC DX have hands-on experience in delivering the latest and best customization service to their clients. Through their experienced and skilled team, SmartOSC DX has a strong reputation for providing the best to their clients and helping them reach their goals. 


If you are looking for RPA development services for your business then choosing SmartOSC DX would be a reliable service provider company. Contact SmartOSC DX today for RPA development services.

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