RPA Development Support

Robotic process automation is a technology used to manage and build software robots that can imitate people’s activity during interaction with different software and systems. RPA is an automation technology that works on software robots or digital workers and is also known as software robotics. 

The software robots do the work that people do but more efficiently and effectively since they don’t need coffee breaks. They can extract data, navigate systems, learn what’s on the screen, and many other defined actions. 

According to a Pegasystems survey, 63% of executives around the globe say that RPA is a big factor in digital transformation. Another research also says RPA has reduced manual errors by 57%.

Learn about RPA Development Support

RPA Development Support

With the help of RPA development support, you can extend your business with the help of Robotic Process Automation solutions. It will enable you to upgrade your business ecosystem by incorporating RPA with machine learning, AI, and cognitive technologies that will accelerate your company’s performance and customer experience. 

The process of successful RPA development goes through four steps. The first step is to do the analysis. The developer analyzes the purpose and demand of the business for which the RPA is required. In the development phase, the robotic software is designed followed by the testing phase. 

In the testing phase, the software is monitored to see if it’s generating the correct results. The final step is the deployment and maintenance of the software. RPA development requires good expertise in programming languages, automation tools like blue prism and UiPath, etc. 

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The RPA support team is in charge of the processes of IT that go along with the use of RPA. 

RPA Integration Services at SmartOSC DX

RPA Development Support

SmartOSC DX is a subdivision of the SmartOSC. They have authorized partners with the Zoho software technology multinational company, known for their business digital tools. SmartOSC DX is a service-providing company for system integration, customization, maintenance, and consultancy of Zoho products. 

Talking about the system integration services, SmartOSC DX provides implementation services for system integration. They come up with information-based business processes that will integrate, automate and animate your business. 

Let’s go through the Implementation Steps one by one.


  • Information gathering. 
  • Analyzing business processes and workflow
  • Defining objectives 
  • Developing the scope of the project 
  • Developing the project plan


  • Mapping sources to the database


  • Building system configuration 
  • Data migration details 


  • Test the functionality of the software. 
  • Testing delivery of objects 
  • Acceptance from users 
  • The last part of this step is training to understand the functions of the software.


Finally, the system goes live. 


SmartOSC DX has a team of experts working hard to deliver the best quality services for their clients. They aim to flourish their client businesses along the automation horizon. To provide the ecosystem of your business error and hassle-free, contact SmartOSC DX for quality services. 

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