Rpa Hype: Is Rpa A Quick Fix Or Hyper Automation Enabler?

Coronavirus causes the financial crisis which is why many companies took interest in the RPA technology. RPA software technology has experienced tremendous growth as per the participants, experts as well as public sources. This is why the market of the RPA is worth around $1 billion.  Is RPA merely a trend because it offers a simple fix? RPA figure is projected to grow, albeit at a reduced pace, in the foreseeable future, according to us and other industry observers. 

In this article, we are going to observe whether RPA growth will stop shortly or enable the emergence of hyper-automation technology. 

What is Hyper Automation Technology?

Rpa Hype: Is Rpa A Quick Fix Or Hyper Automation Enabler?

Hyper Automation is a type of software technology. The software uses multiple components together for processing the automation integration tools as well as multiple technologies. The main idea behind the hyper-automation is that hyper-automation technology aims at automating and streamlining more work and knowledge of the office. Thus, hyper-automation involves all of the tasks and officers in the automation process of the Company. 

The Increasing Interest in the Automation Technology

Rpa Hype: Is Rpa A Quick Fix Or Hyper Automation Enabler?

According to our conversations with RPA software firms, although the crisis originally halted IT expenditure as organizations sought to conserve money in an unstable macroeconomic climate, digitalization and automation projects that lead to expensive savings have proved to be popular.

For many businesses, organization performance and technical efficiency are fast now becoming the top goal. During a period when sales have stopped, the pandemic has brought attention to business procedures and a need for businesses to become more productive.

The Development of the RPA Technology – Is RPA Technology a Quick Fix Solution?

Rpa Hype: Is Rpa A Quick Fix Or Hyper Automation Enabler?

Since the years 2016 and 2017, RPA technology has experienced increased popularity in 2016 and 2017. The technology did not experience any growth in the years 2017 and 2018. But the popularity and usage of the software technology saw great growth in the year 2019 and onwards. During the lockdown period, millions of organizations adopted RPA technology across the world. After the 2019 period, RPA technology saw increased growth owing to many changes occurring at the global level. Following are some of the top changes:

  • RPA use applications in a broader variety of business operations are being expanded.
  • RPA installations inside current clients are being scaled up from pilots to larger deployments.
  • Hyper Automation is the focus of RPA providers’ collaboration with industry experts. As businesses aim to automate their operations further, RPA is projected to play a significant role.
  • The introduction of less expensive, free, and open-source RPA systems has caught the interest of SMEs and programmers.
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Due to the lockdown period and demand for increased organizational efficiency, RPA technology is enabling hyper-automation.. The Companies are adopting RPA technology, which will bring about demand for RPA. 

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