RPA Managed Services

After this Covid-19 Pandemic, we all have been extra cautious about our health and more concerned about sustaining our businesses. No matter what business you do, we all have been through financial losses due to this Pandemic. As people are trying to sustain their businesses, they are moving towards the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) managed services. 

Learn About RPA Managed Services

RPA Managed Services

The question that arises here is why businesses need managed service providers for RPA projects. According to Datto’s survey report from 1800 SMBs (Service Managed Businesses), more than 50% of small and medium businesses reported that the increase in complexity of IT operations was a major reason for RPA managed services. 

RPA projects and managed services are expensive, as you have to buy the RPA software, invest in managed services, track the new implementation practices and go through so much testing. It can be rewarding since RPA managed service providers come with vast technical knowledge and expertise that can potentially eliminate all the regulatory risks. 

Another benefit of managed services is once the service provider takes over all the RPA processes, you can focus more on your core business. Rather than spending your working hours on time-consuming and repetitive tasks like fixing bugs, working on the maintenance of software, testing, and deploying bots, they can spend valuable time on strategic tasks. 

Following are some of the tasks executed by RPA service providers:

  • Accounting processes and Payroll Localization
  • HR management
  • Information technology operations
  • Sales operation
  • Recruitment
  • Procurement operations

RPA Managed Services at SmartOSC DX

RPA Managed Services

SmartOSC DX is an RPA service Provider Company authorized partner with Zoho (a Technology company based in India known for its business tools and Suite of products). SmartOSC DX aims to provide quality services and the best products. 

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At SmartOSC DX they offer Zoho product implementation, consultancy, maintenance, customization, and special training in Zoho Human Resource products.

Let’s have a close look at each of these services. 


The company helps the customer by giving efficient and reliable guidance on IT and operational solutions. SmartOSC Dx has expertise in Zoho products and provides complete RPA managed services to its customers. 

In the consultancy services, they help the client discover the areas where RPA is required, make analyses, provide a solution design, implement it, and give support services. 


It consists of five steps.


Clear objectives are made along with developing the project scope, process analysis, and a project plan. 


The plan is analyzed by mapping the sources to the database. 


 The system is designed. 


Testing of functionality, delivery of objects, user acceptance, and training take place. 


The system goes live.


In this service, the client is helped to achieve its goals by giving customization flexibility in the project development process. 


In the maintenance services, the client is provided full ongoing support to meet the customers. They help you in focusing on the growth of your company. 


SmartOSC DX also provides training as an Administrator in Zoho HR products. You also get certification from SmartOSC DX services. 


If you are struggling to spare time for your business growth plans and are stuck in IT operations, then SmartOSC DX is the right choice for you. Feel comfortable to entrust them all your operational responsibilities so that you and your company can focus on core business. 

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Contact SmartOSC DX for getting RPA managed services. 

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