RPA Platform

RPA is a new phenomenon that automates business processes. RPA tools use UI interaction or API connections to command client servers, computer systems, or HTML code to perform “if, then, else” statements on structured information. An RPA tool operates by modeling a procedure in the RPA tools languages for the computer “robot” to execute, with a control panel assigning runtime to perform the scripts.

There are different platforms of the RPA, which lets you automate business workflows. Following are some of the top RPA platforms:

UiPath RPA Platform – Top-Rated and Highly Acknowledged

UiPath is an RPA application that can automate Citrix, PDF, Web, and Windows desktops. This application may be utilized for automating mundane tasks. UiPath Studios, UiPath Robots, and UiPath Orchestrator are the three applications offered by UiPath.

RPA Platform

One of the greatest automation tools, with numerous capabilities and various new AI/ML technologies, as well as built-in OCR. As a consequence, it’s a wonderful tool for anyone trying to simplify their business operations.

BluePrism Highly Functional RPA Platform

Blue Prism is an RPA device that allows a virtual workforce driven by intelligent automation. This enables companies to manage company activities in a more nimble and cost-effective manner. Blue Prism’s simplicity of use is fantastic, as is the drag-and-drop capabilities and overview it provides of the operations you are creating. It truly enables our ‘enterprise’ users to create robots.

Automation 360 – Best RPA Platform for the Companies

RPA Platform

Automation 360 is the world’s greatest cloud-native end-to-end intelligent software system, employed by the world’s largest corporations. Automation 360 is the premier cloud-native end-to-end intelligent technology solution used by the country’s biggest organizations to more than quadruple the number of automated operations at a quarter of the equipment of older RPA systems—with 3X quicker growth.

TurBot RPA Platform

Turbot RPA is a type of intelligent RPA that automates repetitive jobs, activities, and processes using dialogue flow automation. It is an excellent Robotic Process Automation platform for designing, managing, and deploying bots. It is a workflow builder tool that allows you to develop fully working bots with no programming experience.

Power Automate by Microsoft

RPA Platform

Microsoft has been designated a Pioneer in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for RPA Software.  Power Automation Free is accessible to everybody for 90 days, and these trial licenses represent the additional capacity in your lease for new Power Automate users. These permits are free of cost.

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Microsoft Flow, currently known as Microsoft Power Automate, is a cloud-based platform that allows individuals to construct and automate activities and workflows across different services and apps without the aid of a programmer.


With our RPA advisory services, we can help businesses uncover automation opportunities and remove impediments to Robotic Process Automation. We employ our understanding of tools such as Ui Path, Blue Prism, Automation 360, and many more to construct quick process automated solutions.

You can connect with the team of the SmartOSC DX organization through its contact form. Agents will get back to you, and curate a tailored RPA platform package for your organization. 

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