RPA Technology Definition

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software technology that uses tools for automation of the tasks. The RPA is the employment of ‘robots’ in software applications to perform monotonous as well as rule-based digital activities like filing in the same material in many locations, rejoining data, or cut and pasting.

Types of the RPA Technologies

There are mainly three types of RPA technologies. Attended automation, unattended automation, and hybrid RPA are the three main forms of automated processes technology.

RPA Technology Definition

Automated Attendance

This sort of bot is installed on the user’s computer. The RPA is often activated by the client. Attended automation is appropriate for jobs that are initiated at moments that are difficult to identify automatically. Let’s assume a customer service person typically needs to go through three versions and five administrative steps to complete the transaction. Instead of reading through each one, the client service representative can use an automaton code to automate the process. 

Automation that is left unattended

These bots work like cloud batch systems. The unattended automation is a type of technology that undertakes and accomplishes tasks on its own. It means that it aims at completing processing of data in the background. Unattended automation is a great way to free up time for back-office personnel. Incorporating information at a specific area, bot launched, orchestrator started, and defined intervals are all options to start unattended automation.

RPA hybrid

This form of RPA combines both attended and unattended RPA processes to offer automation for both backend and front office tasks. This makes it possible to automate a process from beginning to conclusion.

Different Types of RPA Tools

RPA Technology Definition

There are various tools used by companies for automation of tasks. Following are some of the top tools that companies use for automation of different business processes online:


They are the earliest tools in robotics, and they automate operations inside a single platform. Macros are the ideal match if the procedure you want to manage is basic enough and just requires one tool, such as a spreadsheet. Macros are useful for organising data, doing computations, and so forth.

Automation of IT Processes

These are feature automation technologies that can handle complicated multi-system operations. IT PA is a type of bot that works behind the scenes, but it is created and supervised by skilled IT experts.

Tools for Cognitive Automation

These bots have screen scraping abilities, allowing them to choose a desktop in the same way that a human would to accomplish duties that need several platforms. They’re not as accurate as ITPA instruments, but they’re simple for using.


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