RPA UiPath – Ultimate Guide to RPA for Beginners

For quite a long time, robots have been playing a significant role in production and assembling. Robotic process automation (RPA) is the utilization of innovation to control and decode existing applications. In contrast to customary programming, RPA can work with different programming applications however different user interfaces. Since RPA gives benefits like expense decrease, further developed proficiency, and more prominent exactness, it’s an appealing alternative. A flexible arrangement, RPA can be utilized to work and organize another application programming, paying little heed to industry. 

What is RPA UiPath?

RPA is an advanced system that facilitates the managing and creating of different activities by giving the tasks to software robots or bots. UiPath is among the best RPA solutions for application. It was at first dispatched in 2005 and depends entirely on windows working frameworks and means to mechanize any dull or work serious assignments easily. 

RPA UiPath - Ultimate Guide to RPA for Beginners

The most noticeable idea of UiPath is the computerization project. A task is a graphical portrayal of business interaction. It grants you to mechanize rule-based cycles, by giving you full control of the execution request and the association between different steps in UiPath activities. 

Beginner’s Guide to RPA UiPath

To start RPA via UiPath, first of all, you have to install the UiPath tool on your computer system. It is also necessary to know that UiPath RPA has 3 main components that are UiPath robots, UiPath orchestrator, and UiPath studio. 

RPA UiPath - Ultimate Guide to RPA for Beginners
  • For installation of the tool go to the official UiPath website. If you want to use it for free, you can download its “Community version”. Otherwise, others are paid and advanced versions. 
  • The community version also provides you a license so go with that. You will get the installation option on the page. After you give basic information demanding, it will lead to the dashboard. In “Community cloud”, click to download “Studio” or “Studio X”. 
  • After downloading it, click on “Exe”, a page will open. You will have to click on the “Community license” on this page. 
  • You will see 2 profiles there, one is “UiPath studio X community” and the other is “UiPath studio pro-community”, you have to select the second one. 
  • On the next page which shows “Choose an update channel”, click on the “Preview” option.
  • A new page will open, select “Source control” and then “Continue”. By following these steps, the UiPath tool will be downloaded to your system.
  • Open the downloaded software on your computer. On the top right corner, there is a button “Start trial”, click on that. When a web page will open, you will have to click on “Request RPA platform trial” present at the bottom of the page.
  • The page will ask you for some necessary information. Fill all the spaces with the correct answers.
  • After all the formalities, you will get a link in your email to download the UiPath platform. A trial code will also be present in your mail, use that code and activate the account. 
  • Download the software from the given link and fulfill all the formalities.  


As the world is becoming digital and RPA is becoming a common thing in the world, everyone should get the knowledge about it to become up-to-date. Above is a simple guide for beginners to use UiPath RPA. SmartOSC DX is proud to present one of the most affordable yet efficient RPA services and products. If you want to apply RPA solutions into your business, contact us for further information.

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