Seamless Intelligence Sharing Across a Cohesive RPA Platform

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was once thought to be a stand-alone automation solution. RPA ultimately progressed from basic determinism use applications to complicated use cases using ‘intelligent automation’ and ‘human-empowered’ robotization. RPA now has access to a variety of new company activities and processes as a result of this innovation. As is customary, necessity necessitated technological breakthroughs. Businesses saw a need for a Cohesive Systematic Collection that, in addition to automating processes, also assisted them in:

  • Choosing the appropriate use cases — Exploration
  • Controlling the digital workplace throughout the enterprise with ease — Orchestration

Although several products offer these features in parts and pieces, the true value is gained when all of these elements are integrated. SmartOSC DX offers a comprehensive suite that aids businesses in their end-to-end robotics journeys.

Benefits of the Cohesive RPA Platform

Seamless Intelligence Sharing Across a Cohesive RPA Platform

The most significant benefit of such a unified RPA platform is information sharing throughout the platform, with data created by one component feeding into the others. We’ll look at the findings that may be gained by sharing intelligence across different technologies in a unified automation platform in this post.

Process Discovery Intelligence

The following are the two most important features of a process discovery tool:

  • Selecting jobs that are good candidates for automated processes across several departments
  • Creating an automation plan that defines the tasks that should be automated in order of priority.

This data makes it simple to sketch out the automated strategy at the departmental and organizational levels. Systematic management also provides a detailed picture of the business processes in use throughout the company and between departments. This data may be used to figure out which programs need to be set up in order to automate each procedure. Furthermore, the enterprise-wide perspective makes it simple to detect comparable tasks/processes across departments and reuse RPA-configured automated processes.

Core RPA’s intelligence

Seamless Intelligence Sharing Across a Cohesive RPA Platform

The proportion of Robotic Process Automation accomplished as a percentage of total objectives established based on the system discovery may be readily captured by the Automation Center of Excellence (CoE). The CoE can also get a consolidated picture of corporate apps that are mechanized often and those that aren’t.

Orchestrator Automation CoE intelligence 

It can quickly comprehend the whole process, including hand-offs among digital employees and humans. This helps the organization achieve ‘automation singularity1’ by creating a viable environment for human-empowered automated processes.

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When a company uses diverse technologies for discovery, automating, and orchestration, combining all of these pieces is becoming a full-fledged IT effort in and of itself, with production, administration, and support expenses.

SmartOSC DX Provides the Best-Quality, Highly Reliable, and Efficient RPA Services

Seamless Intelligence Sharing Across a Cohesive RPA Platform

As part of ongoing tests, development, or deployment cycles, the codeless platform of SmartOSC DX is designed to test complicated processes that span numerous apps. End-to-end processes that run through software packages, the internet, digital apps, and more are all tested. Our proprietary Object Action Framework adapts to changes in real-time. With a reusable automated resource collection, you can speed up migrations and simplify project documents.


SmartOSC DX offers the best-quality and highly reliable RPA services. In case clients would like to understand the automation plan for their business processes, our RPA developers can make them understand fully. Our RPA services at SmartOSC DX are highly reliable, flexible, salable, and top-quality. In order to communicate with our experts, you can reach us via our website.

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