Six Coding Tricks to Maximize your UiPath Automation

The need for robotic process automation (RPA) is unprecedented, and RPA developers are in higher demand than before to design automation faster and with fewer errors. 

The below are six tips and tactics for RPA developers using the UiPath automation system to assist them to construct automation quicker, improve their dependability and usability, and add new features.

The 06 Coding Tricks for Maximizing Automation Benefits of UiPath Automation Technology

Six Coding Tricks to Maximize your UiPath Automation

Here are the six main coding tricks for maximizing the benefit of the UiPath technology:

  1. Make use of the tool for automated recording.

In its coding platform Studio, UiPath has a recording feature. The recorders automatically capture your onscreen activities and then generate a workflow for the task you just finished. This output process is an excellent place to start constructing your automation.

  1. General selectors should be used.

To automate certain processes in an application’s UI, you must navigate and deal with different types of windows, text fields, icons, drop-down lists, and other things. UiPath’s Studio saves graphical user interface components and their parental components as an XML fragment using filters. The selection for each activity acts as a map, pointing the bot to the appropriate element on the screen.

  1. To assign a parameter, use an inner “if statement.”

An “if statement” is used by programmers to automate choices depending on the value of variables. The studio has an “if” activity that has two criteria and a true or false statement. If the assertion is correct, the “then” conditional is run; if the information is incorrect, the “else” conditional is performed. The “if” activity is useful whenever the bot has to do a series of actions based on the situation, but this should not be utilized to assign a monetary value to a single number. Use an inline “if” statement instead. This will reduce the amount of noise in your workflow and make it much easier to understand your script.

  1. Just use customized actions on the UiPath Market.
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The UiPath Market is a platform for RPA parts that are ready for use. On the global market, you may find custom actions, workflow patterns, machine learning methods, and alternatives that can assist you to save essential coding time.

  1. Use web service calls wherever possible.

Some websites and web apps change frequently, and no matter how broad the selectors are, the robot may not have been able to recognize them. To circumvent this, programmers should use web service requests wherever possible.

  1. Use Linguistic Query (LINQ) searches 

LINQ means the Language-Integrated Query and allows you to query data in an easy and powerful way. LINQ is frequently used in UiPath to search arrays, datasets, vocabularies, list, and Xhtml. Clusters, dictionaries, and sets may all be used as LINQ data sources without any changes or special handling.

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Six Coding Tricks to Maximize your UiPath Automation

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