SmartOSC DX, RPA Customer Success Story – Amerisure Insurance

Robotic process automation is a great way to solve time-consuming lengthy and complicated problems. CAI teamed with Amerisure’s claims and technology transformation groups to build a proof of concept (POC) utilizing Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The result enhanced efficiency for a conventional, lengthy claims procedure in a relatively short period.

In this article, we are going to discuss the challenges of the Company and the RPA solution. Thus, we will evaluate the success story of Amerisure Insurance while using the RPA technology:

What Was the Challenge?

SmartOSC DX, RPA Customer Success Story - Amerisure Insurance

A third-party claims processor handles a few of Amerisure’s Workers’ Insurance claims. These complaints have logged notes linked to them, which Amerisure workers and customers must examine to see what is going on with the claim. Because there is no interface between both the claims administrator’s and Amerisure’s systems, statements must be individually input, which is a long and difficult operation.

Amerisure claims required three team members to identify each complaint and evaluate the remarks before cutting and pasting them through one gateway to the next. For just one case, this procedure may take over an hour. It was impossible to finish this procedure on a regular basis with about 500 claims active at any given time. As a result, Amerisure’s agents and policyholders have been unable to monitor the progress of a claim, generating dissatisfaction.


A bot that goes into each open Amerisure claim’s claim executive’s portal and copies and pastes any fresh log messages into Amerisure’s claimants portal. Each day, the bot runs this procedure on all 500 requests.


Since its implementation, the bot has managed to squeeze 26.5 hours of human workers into a working single day! Data transmission has improved, which has improved the speed of data flow to Amerisure’s client portal and the integrity of data from the claims administrator’s site to Amerisure.

Were Clients Satisfied with the RPA Work Undertaken at Amerisure Insurance Company?

SmartOSC DX, RPA Customer Success Story - Amerisure Insurance

Yes. The board of directors and other authorities were satisfied with the tasks undertaken at the Company. It simplified the process and increased the efficiency of a complicated task to a greater extent. Here is the feedback from the Vice President of Worker Compensation claims in Amerisure Insurance Company:

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“This duty, in our opinion, is equivalent to a full-time job. No one would have to undertake this task now that the bot is in operation. It’s fantastic to have staff who were previously employed in this role freed up to concentrate on other valuation activities wherever their skills are required. Our real return on the investment is more than 3 times what we anticipated from this exercise. This is a difficult achievement that also increases our service guarantee.”

SmartOSC DX Has Many Success Stories to Tell

SmartOSC DX, RPA Customer Success Story - Amerisure Insurance

Our Company is proud of solving a problem of a bigger company. SmartOSC DX team consists of the most talented, skilled, and competent people. They are the industry-best RPA developers and RPA engineers. So, trust their performance and assign us the automation tasks of your Company. 


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