So What Is Holding Organizations Back From Rpa Success

For years, digital transformation has become a topic of discussion. While there has been a lot of talk about the need of embracing digital solutions across the board, many businesses have been hesitant to maximize their digital transformation journey. Some would even argue that digital transformation is a failure. According to a 2018 McKinsey survey, just 16% of participants believe that digital transformations have effectively developed exponentially in their firms, while 7% believe that situation has improved but not been maintained. Even in technologically sophisticated businesses like high tech, media, and telecom, the success rate of digital transformation hasn’t surpassed 26%.

Benefits of the Implementation of the RPA Technology

So What Is Holding Organizations Back From Rpa Success

Businesses are reconsidering their digital transformation techniques to keep the revenue engine going and allow cost improvements in preparation for an economic slowdown since COVID-19 has a big influence on top-line revenue. These businesses want the flexibility to adapt swiftly to changes in the business environment while also strengthening their systems to ensure continuity of operations during macroeconomic downturns.

RPA provides the flexibility and speed needed by changes in market conditions. RPA has proven to be a highly beneficial tool as businesses want models that allow for faster and more flexible operations. RPA is automating COVID-19 test results in healthcare, allowing nurses to devote more time to caring for infected patients. In the financial services industry, RPA is being used to help bank staff deal with a torrent of questions about the Payroll Protection Service. In commerce and retail, technology is being utilized to keep pace with the growth for key personnel by recruiting and training them, as well as to handle the growth in calls to remote contact centers.

Nothing Should Hold You From Choosing and Implementing the RPA Technology

So What Is Holding Organizations Back From Rpa Success

“Full process automation is more the exception than the rule, despite two decades of BPM installations.” According to AIIM, “about two-thirds of firms indicate that specified critical back-end procedures are less than 50% automated.”

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Why? Because a large portion of the data that enters your company is unstructured. “RPA technologies alone do a fantastic job with very little effort at automating human tasks relying on different types of data and information,” but “when it tends to come to duties that depend on semi-structured records (like invoices), unstructured memorandums (like an agreement), or informal communications (like email messages or texts… RPA engines will find it difficult in procedures with lots of records and unordered.”

SmartOSC DX Offers the RPA Services That Would Convince You to Implement the RPA Technology

So What Is Holding Organizations Back From Rpa Success

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