Solving Bot Fragility with Change Resilient RPA

Introduction – The Issue of Bots Fragility in the Deployed RPA System

As RPA becomes more widespread, one issue still remains unresolved: bots “break.” Organizations must accept the fact that their process automation might be as brittle as glass once RPA projects are launched. To streamline information collecting operations, many bots now in use use “screen scraping” or picture recognition algorithms. The IT and organizational architecture of large businesses are extremely complex, and business processes are continually changing. This implies that even minor changes to the UI, newly linked APIs or data transposition might cause the bot’s operation to be disrupted. This failure in automation can result in downtime and lost corporate value, as well as the requirement for extra technical staff.

We wanted to investigate how the problem of fragility is just being addressed after learning about RPA’s limits. 1) Process Discovery and 2) Open-source Tools for Cloud-Orchestration ranked first and second, respectively.

Solving Bot Fragility with Change Resilient RPA

Solving Bot Fragility with Change Resilient RPA

In this section, we are going to discuss how we can solve the bot fragility by changing the resilient RPA. 

No# 1. Making Automation More Resilient | Organizational Change

Using object identification algorithms in conjunction with an intelligent, model-based object action framework simplifies automated maintenance. Rather than manually updating every case of a modification across activities and apps, the object action model utilizes a one-to-many technique to reproduce the modify anywhere the object is utilized.

Because every object has just one definition, a change to that definition might affect all processes and bots that utilize it. There will be no more figuring out which methods involve that item and where to repair them. Simply correct the primary definition.

Solving Bot Fragility with Change Resilient RPA

No# 2. Easy to Create & Manage Codeless Automation

Nobody likes troubleshooting other men’s code. Because code is generally hard and complicated, codeless technology is becoming increasingly popular in a variety of applications. Moreover, businesses do not need to develop code in order to benefit from RPA.

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The codeless Associative RPA solution simplifies bot formation and implementation while also allowing non-technical people to participate in bot maintenance.

No#3. Scalable Automation | Easily Shared & Develop 

You should be able to recycle, adapt, and distribute automation throughout the company to reap its actual value. It’s one thing to create an easy-to-maintain process; it’s quite another to run hundreds of stages each hour.

No# 4. Integrating Automation | Test & Output Combined

If RPA is used to execute a process independently in production, it must not break. As a result, maintaining consistency becomes critical. Automated testing has shown to be a useful tool for speeding up tests in pre-production situations.

Solving Bot Fragility with Change Resilient RPA

SmartOSC DX innovates its Services to Solve Bot Fragility

As RPA services providers, we understand that bots break due to various reasons. Our skilled RPA developers and RPA engineers take every step to prevent the failure of bots. We tailor a specific plan for companies that can revise and maintain regularly. So, we offer the most competent, experienced, and best RPA services. 


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