The Benefits of Automation for “As-Is” SAP Business Process Discovery

Whether you’ve been planning a big migration, such as SAP S/4HANA, or just wish to detect and record your current operations in SAP applications for organizational change, operational efficiencies, or conformity, automating SAP process discovery can help you save time and money.

In this article, we are going to look into the benefits of the “As-Is” SAP Business Process Discovery. 

Why is Automation the Greatest Way to Find and Document Current “As-Is” Business Operations in SAP and Beyond?

The Benefits of Automation for “As-Is” SAP Business Process Discovery

Following are some of the top benefits of the as-is business process discovery:

 SAP Applications Can Undertake Process Discovery in a Quicker Manner

Let us be straightforward and truthful about the process. It is a lengthy, monotonous and complicated process to discover SAp businesses. When your employees work hard under stress, it will affect their productivity levels. Despite taking interviews and interviewing a person, only automation services can track the actions of a person in real-time. It gives them a visual picture of the business processes taking place in a few minutes. Employees complete their tasks by automating the process in no time. The automation processes do not experience any interruption. They also do not take much time. It simply allows them to record events and decide in a quick manner.


In SAP and Beyond, Identify As-Is Processes

The Benefits of Automation for “As-Is” SAP Business Process Discovery

n increasingly challenging IT settings, business requirements are not contained within a single app. As a result, implementing the process must extend beyond SAP to all apps. Some of today’s workflow automation data process solutions can only map events within a specific, isolated application. SAP customers are well aware that their business processes do not always begin or end in SAP, but rather pass through it via online apps, specialized applications, smartphone apps, and other means. This is why Worksoft’s automatic discovery of end-to-end trade execution process across whole apps your processes touch takes a horizontal strategy.

Improve Your Automated Tests

Your data process data may be used as a foundation for automated business finding corroborates if you record step-by-step procedure tasks in a system that also permits automated tests. Your SAP automated test programs will represent an accurate sequence of events, allowing for enhanced business quality assurance as well as a template for automation in production with RPA, thanks to data collected from real corporate customers.

SmartOSC DX Offers Benefits of “As-Is” Business Process Discovery

The Benefits of Automation for “As-Is” SAP Business Process Discovery

Are you also willing to reap the benefits of “As-Is” Business Process Discovery? You can avail of our top-quality automation services for taking full advantage of the SAP. Our SAP transformation management teams and experts may leverage data process data to build a baseline of the “as is” ecosystem that can be used in combination with change-resilient automated testing to verify your “to be” environment operates as planned by streamlining process discovery.


If you would like to automate the business processes and take full benefits of “As-Is” SAP Business Process Discovery, you can contact our team. Reach us via our contact form page

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