The Contact Center of the Future – Driven By the RPA, Transformed by IA

For businesses striving to enhance their customer experience during the last two years, the obstacles have been enormous. Contact centers have seen significant growth in interaction volume across both classic platforms like phone conversations and emails and distribution websites like social networking sites and chat that are critical to an omnichannel approach.

How to combat these challenges? Following are some of the most amazing RPA services:

Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) throughout Customer Experience

The Contact Center of the Future - Driven By the RPA, Transformed by IA

How does UiPath see RPA and AI being used in contact centers? Beumer recommends approaching AI and RPA as a double strategy. “Think of Robotic process automation as the workers’ hands. Meanwhile, AI acts as the brain, thinking and analyzing client dialogues to determine intent and provide recommendations.”

The Case for a Contact Center That Is Automated

The Contact Center of the Future - Driven By the RPA, Transformed by IA

In the last year and a half, the pandemic has had a huge influence on contact centers. Many contact centers’ call volumes soared, forcing many agents to work from home. Calls’ average handling time (AHT), disengagement rate, median queue, and hold durations all rose as a consequence.

Many businesses have turned to robotics to deal with the abrupt changes in the market. Many IT businesses that supply call center solutions have experienced tremendous growth, and our clients are increasingly using contact center automated systems to satisfy their demands.

Contact Centers of the Future – Putting RPA to Work on the Most Important Metrics

The Contact Center of the Future - Driven By the RPA, Transformed by IA

Companies are beginning to consider contact centers as revenue development opportunities, which has resulted in a change in the KPIs that drive them. Here is the complete discussion on the future of the contact centers:

1. The Phone Center Will Be Transformed Into A “Connection Center”

For years, many people have seen the contact center as a means of dealing with urgent issues. As a result, the company adopted a short-term approach of handling one client’s emergency after another, responding rather than adjusting to the customer’s demands.

2. Web Chatting Will Be A Much More Common Means Of Customer Assistance

Being on the receiving end of a phone call may be aggravating — whether you’re an agent or a consumer, the channel has its limitations. Because of the popularity of Amazon Mayday, a video-based webchat is now a viable option.

3. Usage of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) and RPA (Robotics Process Automation)

 RPA and AI technologies and procedures may help by automating low-level activities, shifting agent conversations to higher-level customers ’ concerns, and evaluating those responses in real-time to give coaching and direction.

SmartOSC DX Services Are Driven By Innovation and Technological Advancement

The Contact Center of the Future - Driven By the RPA, Transformed by IA

SmartOSC DX offers highly scalable, flexible, and good-quality services. We offer highly reliable services that match the requirements of your business organization. At the SmartOSC DX, we understand that the technology advances every second. So, we have a qualified and experienced team that works for the innovation of existing RPA infrastructure. 


Robotic Process Automation is the new way to reduce workload and increase the efficiency of the employees to a greater extent. SmartOSC DX helps you in reducing the workload and improving organizational efficiency by giving a tailored and high-quality RPA solution. In order to connect with us, you can visit our website.

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