The Next Generation Of RPA: Intelligent Automation

Organizations have been looking at and using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in their processes in recent years. Although it was a breakthrough, it was mostly done in small groups of 5-10 bots. It’s better to step onto another phase: Intelligent Automation, which will allow the entire business to profit from RPA.

The Scare Among Common Populace Regarding the RPA Services

The Next Generation Of RPA: Intelligent Automation

People are scared that robotics and RPA would take away their work and make them obsolete when it is initially implemented in any business. Organizations and workers, on the other hand, have realized that the converse is true over time: instead of completing low-value, repetitive jobs, they can now focus on projects which not only challenge individuals but also bring value to the business.

The Current Issues with the Implementation of the RPA Services

The Next Generation Of RPA: Intelligent Automation

As a result, businesses are eager to expand their RPA activities. However, they frequently run into problems:

  • They now utilize an RPA solution that works well in a small context but is difficult to scale up.
  • Overcapacity can make pricing and license too expensive.
  • External dependencies, such as computer systems and platforms, can be a significant barrier to scaling out for businesses.
  • To tackle these challenges, Kofax launched Intelligent Automation for a Digital Process Transformation, the next stage in RPA.

The Next Generation – RPA’s Automation Skills Could Be Improved

The Next Generation Of RPA: Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation for a Digital Processes Transformation provides unrivaled data acquisition, processing, analysis, and delivery across the company. Kofax Intelligent Automation (Kofax IA) is a single platform that combines core RPA and RPA – extended capabilities to help businesses manage RPA (i.e., the virtual workforce) at large. It’s a completely agnostic system designed to tackle automation issues in various areas of a company, including finance, acquisition, distribution network, human capital, support functions, and administration.

Intelligent Process Automation’s Future

The Next Generation Of RPA: Intelligent Automation

The overall market for IPA technologies will increase to over $8.3 billion by the end of 2023, as per Cognilytics, an analytics organization that analyses the industry for ai technology, deep learning, and intelligent systems. However, the issue on most people’s minds would be whether IPA has achieved its apex, and if so, does this spell the end for RPA.

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Both of these questions have a “NO” response.

While it is correct that as IPA becomes stronger, it will inevitably supplant RPA, such degrees of better cognitive technology has yet to occur.

SmartOSC DX Offers Innovative RPA Services 

There are a few organizations that invest in the innovation of RPA technology. SmartOSC DX is one of those few organizations that have a research and technology team for the development of existing RPA infrastructure. Every other day, our team works hard to upgrade the RPA technology of our organization. With the updated technology, we aim at offering the super-quality latest and most innovative RPA services. Thus, we give your company a competitive edge over other organizations in the market. 


SmartOSC DX is a top-quality performer in the RPA industry. The performance of the SmartOSC DX has been phenomenal in the last few years. For further details, you can reach us through our RPA website. Our staff will keep in touch and discuss the details of the project to start implementing it.

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