Top 7 RPA Uses & Challenges in the Government & Public Sector

RPA already has demonstrated its ability to enhance performance and reduce costs in a wide range of industries. It will promote governments and public sector authorities to examine it as a contender for enhancing citizen services with fewer resources and lower prices. As per a state authority, the following benefits had already been accomplished:

  • RPA has already been embraced by 65 percent of federal departments and 41% of state bodies to make work easier.
  • RPA is seen as a core component for utilizing AI and ML skills by 61% of federal agencies and 49% of state agencies.
  • 51-100 bots were deployed by 26% of departments, while 101-200 bots were deployed by 15%.

RPA 07 Use Cases in the Government and Public Sector

Top 7 RPA Uses & Challenges in the Government & Public Sector

Following are some of the top use cases in the government and public sector:

  1. Input of data

In public institutions, officers can use RPA data input for analyzing reports, claims, and court documents, among other things. Bots can extract information in the form of structured data from internet materials or unstructured information from scanned papers.

  1. Migration of data

RPA bots may move and migrate data between government old systems and organization platforms. Bots may also scan for duplication, inform users, and eliminate superfluous data from the platform.

  1. Evaluation and approval of applications

Citizens use government internet portals to fill out various paperwork and requests. RPA bots may answer citizen questions, verify applicant identity and customer data. 

  1. Creating a report

RPA bots use optical character recognition (OCR) to read the text in photos and documents. Thus, it can gather pertinent data, and create reports.

  1. Tracking COVID-19 Information
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RPA Bots can track government records of Covid-19 isolation. The system can also integrate immunization lists that can be connected with Covid-19 tracking RPA bots.

  1. Enhancement of security

RPA can improve both physical and cyber security.  Thus, it puts public sector records in the safest place online. 

  1. An examination of public opinion

RPA bots can gather information from internet platforms on the public’s perceptions of various government agencies, services, or workers.

What problems does RPA encounter in the public sector?

Top 7 RPA Uses & Challenges in the Government & Public Sector

The following are some of the barriers to RPA adoption in the government and public sector:

  • The main challenge concerns the abuse of the bot credentials.
  • Another concern is related to third-party access 
  • Due to a complete lack of expert capabilities, 63 percent of firms require the services of a specific third-party partner. This might provide unauthorized people or corporations access to important information.
  • Lack of understanding of RPA capabilities. Due to inexpert staff in RPA,  27 percent of state agencies said they have no idea what RPA is.
  • 25% of state agencies are unsure which procedures to automate.

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