UiPath Expands Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

In the growing digital world, RPA has become a constant need of businesses and companies. Whether to save time and increase speed or to make the work as accurate as possible, RPA successfully beats the human workforce in every aspect! 

But what is the RPA process? Well, the name itself explains the literal meaning of this process. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is nothing but a software-based solution that can do all the tasks of the human workforce but in an excellent manner.

In simple words, it is robotic work, done in an efficient way to ease the human workload. It helps to reduce the employee burden by performing daily repetitive tasks faster and securely. Once trained, these robots can perform a specific task with the same precision each time, irrespective of in-built technology!

But today RPA can do many things beyond just implementing repetitive tasks. Looking at this transformational advantage of new technology, many organizations have already adopted it. There are dedicated RPA vendors like UiPath and many more tools that only offer RPA software.

Learn How UiPath Extends Robotic Automation (RPA)

As Business Process Automation is becoming popular day by day, several companies provide their support by giving it a platform. UiPath is one of them! It is a global software company that gives a platform to these Automate Business Processes by developing software bots. 

UiPath Expands Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

UiPath architecture, developed on the .NET network, comes with various components.

  1. UiPath Studio

UiPath Studio helps in the process of designing & implementing a user-defined bot, which even gets easier because of its drag and drop approach.

2.  UiPath Orchestrator 

UiPath Orchestrator manages all the processes from uploading a bot in the cloud to managing the resources including activities like provisioning, configuration, etc.

3UiPath Robots

UiPath Robots work on “robot-handling” by doing tasks in the same manner as the human workforce. They come in two types. One is attended, where human presence is needed to complete a task whereas, in the second type unattended, these bots can work independently.

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UiPath also has many other aspects like desktop recording that captures multiple actions between the applications, recorders to record for basic activities, web & image recording, etc. Orchestrator which handles multiple tasks, is considered one of the most useful and important components of UiPath!


Robotic Process Automation is that advanced innovation that has already taken its place in future technologies. Then why wait! Contact SmartOSC DX, to get your service now.

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