Ultimate Power of Cooperation from Combining AI and RPA Together

Enterprises can benefit greatly by combining AI (Artificial Intelligence) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) together. By itself, AI is highly beneficial to organizations that manage to leverage on its power properly. 

Similarly, by itself, RPA is highly beneficial to organizations that get to tap into its power properly. But when you bring the two – AI and RPA – together in the right manner, the benefits grow exponentially. In this article, we will be exploring the potential of AI and RPA separately. 

Then we will be looking at what can happen when AI and RPA are brought together.

The power of RPA

Ultimate Power of Cooperation from Combining AI and RPA Together

RPA entails getting bots (software robots) to perform various tasks. Through RPA, it becomes possible to automate all manner of repetitive tasks. Those may include the likes of data entry and data extraction. They may also include the likes of system queries, moving files/folders around and copying data. 

Recent advances in RPA technology have even made it possible for the bots to perform high level ‘thinking’ tasks. These may include the likes of chatting with customers, interpreting text, undertaking bank and cash reconciliations and even employee onboarding. 

RPA is able to perform these tasks with great degrees of accuracy, at very low cost and with amazing speed. And that is where the power of RPA lies.

The power of AI

Ultimate Power of Cooperation from Combining AI and RPA Together

AI entails getting computer systems to simulate human intelligence. Through AI, you can get the computer systems to do tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence, in almost exactly the same way that humans would perform them (if not better).

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The human mind has advanced decision making and problem solving capabilities. It is these that AI attempts to mimic. While RPA entails giving the computer systems the rules by which to perform the various tasks, AI entails having the computer systems figure out the rules by themselves (in a manner that mimics human intelligence). 

Through AI, you can get computer systems to perform complex tasks that were previously only capable of being performed by humans. Those include the tasks that entail making decisions from data, solving problems and actually implementing the solutions. And that is where the power of AI lies.

Discover the ultimate power of collaboration from bringing AI and RPA together

Ultimate Power of Cooperation from Combining AI and RPA Together

Nowadays, it has become possible to bring AI and RPA together. The objective in bringing AI and RPA together is to overcome the ‘cognitive’ limits that are associated with RPA. What you end up with are fully thinking bots that are capable of performing very high level tasks. 

Those, in other words, are known as intelligent bots. A normal RPA bot may, for instance, be capable of just chatting with customers online. But an intelligent bot is able to understand the feedback it is getting from the customer in the chat, and subsequently make decisions based on that feedback. 

The true full potential of RPA is only attainable upon combining it with AI.


The process of combining AI and RPA (to end up with intelligent bots) is one of the most complex in the computing world. But there are firms with expertise, experience and proven track records in this area. One such firm is SmartOSC DX. At SmartOSC DX, we are able to analyze your needs, and help you in combining AI and RPA to end up with intelligent bots that help you take automation to a whole new level.

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