What is RPA Technology?

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a software technology that automates business processes. It enables enterprises to delegate more and more of their routine administrative tasks to robots that can perform them efficiently.  RPA operates by gaining access to data from the current IT systems. RPA technologies may be integrated with your applications in a wide range of manners. In the backend, one alternative is to link to databases and enterprise online services. Another method is to use front-end or desktop connections, which can take many different shapes.

The RPA Technology Examples From the Real World

We’ve gathered a collection of real-life instances of RPA assisting people to cut costs, end up saving time, compete effectively. In the following, we are going to illustrate how RPA technology works:

What is RPA Technology?

RPA Technology Examples From the Finance and Accounts

Finance and Accounts constitute critical business processes the key activities are time-consuming, error-prone, and also don’t produce money immediately. RPA is an ideal software for finance and accounts. 

Invoice Processing, for example, is one of the most time-consuming activities in Payables. Invoices arrive via different channels, are linked to purchase requisitions, and must frequently be authorized by multiple individuals before being paid.

You may use RPA to establish rules that autonomously submit bills to the relevant person for review while your colleagues concentrate on the anomalies. Before submitting the payment, you may automate the PO-matching operation to flag any mistakes for additional inspection.

RPA Technology Example from the HR Department

It might take several weeks and be pricey to hire only one individual. In 2020, the typical cost of employing only one employee will be $4129, according to the Human Resources Society for the Foundational Purposes. 

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Fortunately, RPA can help with a number of monotonous and rule-based processes that occur during the hiring and support programs.

For example, a bot can gather applications more accurately and without bias the entire day.  This bot might evaluate applications and resumes after finding applicants.

What is RPA Technology?

Inventory Management in the RPA Technology

There are several labor-intensive tasks in retail that are great candidates for robotics automation technology. This is especially true when businesses adjust to the changing landscape of e-commerce.

RPA can help with these challenges by automating a number of tasks:

Alerts of low inventory are sent out automatically (or even automated ordering)

Stock levels should be optimized to maximize cash flow while still efficient customer service.

Accurate inventory accuracy is over 60% of the time, thus minimizing stock mistakes is critical.

Analyzing sales numbers both domestically and abroad

This is how retailers can manage the automation tasks of RPA technology to a greater extent. 


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