Which business process can be automated with RPA?

It could be that you are interested to implement RPA (Robotic Process Automation|) in your business. If so, then you need to select the very best business processes available for RPA automation during the initial stages. Identify features that offer successful results. You may have the question for which business process is automation possible. It is stated to be the process that matches the given criteria:

  • Rule-based: Decision-making, standard processes associated with predictive rules. 
  • High in repetition & volume: Routine, high transaction volume processes that runs periodically, like weekly or daily.
  • Low exception: A few low variation scenarios concerning activities leading to diverse handling procedures. 
  • Stable, Mature: Predictable, stable & documented operational costs.
  • Not subjected to methodology modifications: Systems undergoing fundamental changes towards short-term configuration or interface.
  • High ROI: Processes offering significant automation savings like 2 FTEs work-effort. 
  • Readable inputs: Some processes that get triggered by readable, standard electronic inputs such as Excel, MS Word, PDFs, PPT, XML, etc. OCR add-on can help improve RPA.

Common back-office process found suitable to implement RPA

Which business process can be automated with RPA?

Sales Orders: For any business, sales operations are considered to be a vital part. It includes diverse tasks like making ERP accounting updates, entering data into CRM systems, etc. 

Challenges faced: It is indeed a tough task to ensure data consistent throughout enterprise systems. Entering data into ERP and CRM systems is indeed a time consuming task. There might be a 3rd or 4th proprietary application connecting between such systems. In such a case, the accounting & financial analysts are required to replicate data, entering the same into another module or system. Such processes tend to generate opportunities to hinder overall staff productivity, errors and data duplication. 

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RPA solution: Implementing software robots can help perform various operational sales related end-to-end activities with great ease. Also becomes effortless automation tasks like invoicing, sales order entry, etc. However, using Robots, it becomes possible to enhance customer experience, maintain clean database, improve sales employee’s satisfaction and productivity. With RPA all time consuming tasks can be eliminated that otherwise cost your sales team their valuable time. Thus, they can focus on prospecting new clients, thereby increasing business volume and revenue. 

Which business process can be automated with RPA?


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